Thursday, January 17, 2013

Xen Tan Moroccan Tan *Results*

After applying this moisturising, instant, deep brown (GORGEOUS smelling) Xen Tan product before bed last night, I woke up looking like I had just been on a tropical holiday. The results were a really natural olive based colour, which was subtle enough to look real, whilst definitely making a difference to your skin tone.

Result of one coat, post shower
The product comes out quite thick and fast, and you definitely do not need as much as you would with other tanning products, so be careful not to go too tan-happy, or you'll end up with lots of waste or a tan that's a bit 'much' be polite. This is great though, because you get more for your money, I did the whole upper half of my body with 3 small blobs, and the tube is really rather massive.

After showering, the product did exactly what it promised, and left me with the most natural (fake) tan I have ever had, I really wouldn't be able to tell this from a real holiday glow. Big (tanned) thumps up! Although DEFINITELY use a mitt to apply, or your rather too 'sunned' palms may give the game away.

If you're looking for a dark, yet very natural looking tan, which not only moisturises your skin...but is 100% streak free... Look no further, this is your gold medal.

Tan-tastic colour on my upper body

Well done Xen Tan, you have done it again,

Love Lauren xx

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