Monday, January 28, 2013

Small Haul on a Rainy Monday

Mini Monday Haul
I bought a few bits today, which I thought I'd share on here, I love haul posts :), but I really need to stop buying things. Whoops...

My magic hair maker, Moroccanoil treatment oil is down to its last few pumps, so this was a necessity, I promise. If you need convincing, you can check out my post all about it. This stuff really is liquid gold.
Moroccan Oil (The Don of Haircare)
Next I bought a couple of tops from Topshop. I'm really loving the whole army/camo trend at the moment, but I didn't want to go full on with heavy print, so this T-shirt was the perfect compromise. It's perfect to dress with a statement necklace and jeans, or girl up with a pink lip and curls. Beaut. And at only £22, it was too good to resist. Get yours from here... you know you want to! I also bought this fab Khaki sheer jumper in the sale for a tiny £7, grab yours from here before they all go. I also wore it today, check out my latest 'What I'm Wearing' post here :)

I also bought this Toppers polish in Tidal, which is a lovely pastel grey/blue, which I am super excited to try! You can get this off the Topshop website, too for around £5. I find their polishes (like their make-up, see my Vlog review here), are really good value for money. High hopes!

Another bit of Topshop (I seem pretty obsessed at this point..) finery I invested in, is this stunning cream blush duo palette by Louise Gray for Topshop. It was £12, now reduced to £3, so if you're looking to invest in a cream blush, but can't decide on a pink or a coral, get both now in the cutest little package I've ever seen! Go Go Go... 

Louise Gray for Topshop

Beautiful Design

Two Colours AND a Mirror for £3? Oh My...

I also bought a few brown hair-grips, because, well... you can never have to many and mine seem to disappear off the face of the Earth once I take them out of my hair. So not the one. These were from Boots and under £2 for the pack. It's the simple things... I also bought a Fedora which you can also see in my What I'm Wearing Today blog, so go check it out, it's a real keeper!

Let me know what you've been busying buying!

Love Lauren xx


  1. I really love Moroccanoil I need to buy more :)
    Lovely haul
    Daniella x

    1. Thank you Daniella :). Yes me too... i'm in love with Moroccanoil! I'm doing a post later on the Moroccanoil for curly hair, so feel free to check it out,

      Lauren xx

    2. oohh your blog is really lovely, I just followed :) xx

  2. I now want to go to top shop! Such nice things. X

    1. Thanks hannah :), you should check online they have such great bargains still :) xx