Monday, January 28, 2013

Mini Post - What I'm Wearing Today

I thought i'd do a mini post on what I am wearing today, I love these kind of posts on other people's blogs - probably my nosy nature!

This is just a simple winter outfit, it has been raining a lot, so I wanted to wear something stylish, yet practical, to battle the wet winter weather.

My fedora is new, I got it today from Topshop, and I will write up a haul later, including everything else I got too. I love the neautral colour, I really think this will work in Spring and Summer too, as it's quite lightweight and versatile. At £25 it's not extremely cheap, but it really is a great investment and statement piece. Besides... I love hats.

What I Wore Today

Also new, (I'm giving away my whole haul blog here...), is the green jumper. This is also a Topshop number, and was an absolute crazy bargain in the sale for £7. Yep £7. They do it in a number of colours (which my sisters and mum have, so we need to be careful... incase we look like we are trying to do a family 'outfit match' or something, not hot). I love this khaki colour, and it is sheer, in a thin wool fabric, so it looks great over a black strappy top!

The jeans are once again Topshop. They're just black Baxter denims, so they hold their shape and are tighter than some of the other jean designs Topshop make. At around £40, they are great, I have Baxter's in a few different colours, and wear them religiously!

The black leather Chelsea boots are from ASOS, and were from a couple of seasons ago, so I don't think they still stock them. They were around £50 and I wear them to death, they go with everything, and are water resistant, so perfect for the unpredictable English weather.

The coat is by Miso, and is 100% faux fur incase you were wondering. I actually got asked twice today if it's real... but no ladies, I am a vegetarian and very anti-fur! I actually got this from this year's Clothes Show Live at the NEC, for a mere £30. I think normally it retails for around £65, which I think is still fantastic value. It's really very warm, and I just love the look of the fur!

Lastly, my Mulberry bag is the classic Bayswater, and retails for around £700. I have had this for a couple of years, I just love the colour and style. It goes with everything, and I have worn it happily in both day and night, plus it is big enough to store the ungodly amount of bits I feel the need to carry around on a daily basis! You can treat yourself here :)

Let me know what you've been wearing beauties!

Love Lauren xx

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