Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mini health post - Vege Biryani

This is so quick and easy (I'm not afraid of cheating in the kitchen when it tastes this good...).

I used Sharwoods Coconut and Curry Leaf biryani 2 step sauce, Quorn steak strips, Tilda wholegrain pilau rice, Onken fat free yogurt and lime.

You follow the easy steps to make the biryani, literally on the jar. I just cut up an onion and added the Quorn steak, mixed in the spice powder mix, followed by te sauce and finished by adding the rice. I also used instant Tilda 2 minute microwave wholegrain pilau rice, so it cuts down cooking time a hugeee amount, but is still healthy.

I just finished with some fat free yogurt and a squeeze of fresh lime. Yum!!

Dinner dream in minutes! Enjoy.

Love Lauren xx

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