Friday, June 5, 2015

Wet Brush-Pro Detangle

Wet Brush Pro Detangle *

The Wet Brush-Pro detangle brush is an amazing way to keep your hair healthy whilst styling and brushing, wet or dry. The IntelliFlex® bristles are firm on one stroke, but soft the next, allowing tangles to be efficiently and easily removed, without the pain. All your left with is a head of shining, healthy hair with no tangles or hair loss! Ideal!!

The SofTips™ (ultra soft poly tips), are "twice dipped" to stay soft and full. Combined with the flexibility of the IntelliFlex® bristles,  they help protect hair and are perfect for sensitive scalps.

If the amazing bristles on this brush aren't enough, then the AquaVents™ 
(part of a new shower friendly design), are perfect for use in water. You can even comb through products like conditioner or hair masks for even distribution, and your best hair possible!

I love this brush, I use it in the shower, when my hair is dry and always when my hair is wet and I am apply post-shower products. It keeps my tresses tangle free with minimum effort and keeps it looking shiny, soft and stunningly healthy.

Since I started using this brush I have actually noticed a brilliant increase in the growth of my hair too, which could be a coincidence... but it could also be the way it keeps my hair so naturally healthy.

Pick yours up from Look Fantastic!

Lots of Love,

Lauren xx

*collaborative sample