Sunday, May 26, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Suade Lip Colour

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suade

These lip pops come in a massive array of colours, so it was so hard to pick three, but I fell in love with these ultimate summery shades. I was drawn in by the look of the slightly shimmery/satin appearance, with the promise of longevity too!

The colours are a lot more subtle than they look in the bullet, but I love this. They are sort of sheer yet beautifully pigmented, amazing to compliment a tan, or a pop of fresh blush.

020 Front Frow

020 On the Lip

Front Row is such a beautiful shimmery pink, with diamond like particles that reflect, like a very subtle gloss. The only suggestion I have is to prime your lips, or wear a balm underneath as it does dry and nobody likes a dry lip line with a pale colour! Otherwise, it's stunning on.

015 Runway

Runway on the Lip

I absolutely adore this colour and I cannot WAIT to wear it with a tan, shimmy cheeks...and a cocktail. It's not normally a colour I would go for, but it looks so amazing on, and it's subtle enough that I think it would really compliment most skin tones... especially in the Sun.

020 It Girl

It Girl on the Lip

I am such a sucker for a Coral lip, and It Girl is the most perfect combo of a bright coral, which is subtle enough to wear day to night. It adds a pop of colour to any look, and just finishes your lips off, with a lovely summery sheen. Amazing.

I love this lip colours, and may have to invest in some of the other many magical colours they have to offer. Oh Revlon, you're so naughty!

Lots of Love,


  1. The colours are beautiful, but i dislike the "suede" texture...

    1. Yes i think it's quite different - not everyone will like it :)

      Lauren xx

  2. The colours look gorgeous, but a bit too glossy for my liking!

    Loving your blog,

    Florence xoxo

    My blog:

    1. They definitely dry a lot more matte after a little while, so definitely don't stay this glossy :)


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