Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hair Edit|| Redken Velvet Gelatine 07

This 'cushioning' blow dry gel is the new way to do dos. Adding a serious amount of body to your locks, it is perfect for that salon-esque bounce, whilst giving you the ultimate shine and style.

You simply pop a blob onto towel dried hair, comb through, and get to work with the drier. The results are a beautifully professional look; sleek and sexy. It really takes no effort, the product simply melts into your hair, but the difference is phenomenal!

I would say this is suitable for anyone from suffering from frizz to flyways, as it really works to smooth things over without weighing down or greasing up. I personally have fine hair, but a lot of strands, so too much product can be a disaster of the highest proportions, (think oily disasters *cries into hands*). This, however, truly just sinks in and gives you that perfect 'oomph' that we are all hunting for.

At a cool £11.25, it won't break the bank either, especially as a little goes a long way. You can pick yours up from here!

Enjoy, and you're welcome ;),

Lots of Love,

Lauren xx

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