Thursday, May 30, 2013

Topshop's NEW Screen Siren and The Damned Lipsticks

These are two new shades from the amazing Topshop lipstick collection. I absolutely love Topshop lipsticks, in fact I did one of my very first YouTube videos all about Topshop make-up, so if you are yet to try any, check it out here:

Anyway, back to the lipsticks... I chose Screen Siren and The Damned, because although I have a few similar colours to both (ahem..), I still think the subtle differences in a lip colour can really bring that added oomph to any outfit.

Screen Siren

As you can see, Screen Siren is a beautiful, (and as the name suggests), Hollywood shade. It's the eye-catching, head-turning Marylin Monroe colour, that just pops with a 50's eye. It's like romance written on your lips, with tales of old Silver Screen glamour. See... not all reds are the same.

Screen Siren on my Lips

It looks beautiful on, and as with all Topshop lipsticks, it is a creamy finish, not too matte and not too glossy. Just right.

The Damned

I am obsessed with a Purple lip at the moment. It is just such a fresh way to add glamour to a Summer outfit, especially if you don't fancy a classic Red or a tropical Coral. I realised when looking through my colours, that most of my Purples probably fall into more of the 'Plum' category, which can definitely be worn on a Summer evening, but are definitely my Autumn/Winter staple. This is just a couple of shades brighter, and marries perfectly with a tan, lighting up your face and whitening your teeth. Well i'll be damned.. (I am so sorry...). 

I did pick up a gold/lilac colour from the No7 range at Boots lately, which is absolutely fantastic too! Check it out here to see it on:

The Damned on my Lips

The colour looks a little glossier here than it actually is in person. The finish is a lot more akin to the one of the Screen Siren (above); a lovely middle of the road matte-ish creamy finish. Not to mention a brilliant long lasting formula!

I can't wait to show these off this Summer, (rain or shine...)

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7lbs in 7 days Juice Master Diet. Does it Work?

Photo thanks to

I tried this programme last week. It is effectively a juice detox, where you follow a plan which consists only of juices, made up of super good-for-you fruit and veg.

It is the most popular juice diet pretty much in the world, created by Jason Vale the 'Juice Master' himself. It has had literally millions of results, with people claiming to lose up to 14lbs in a week. But can this be good for you and is it a fad... or fantastic?

I bought the app, and only the app. Despite recommending the book for reading alongside the app, it comes with audio coaching, shopping lists and detailed recipes and programmes, so I definitely felt this was enough.

Photo thanks to

So, does it work?

Really really yes. No doubt. I went into it definitely as more of a cleanse/detox for my body, as I eat pretty healthily and go to the gym about 5 times a week, so the weight loss aspect wasn't my main focus, but I was definitely intrigued.

Firstly, the audio coaching really helps you get into the right mindset and puts you where you really need to be mentally with this programme. Not that this is a quick weight loss fix, but a kick start into a whole new life long healthy attitude towards food.

Secondly, the juices taste amazing. Really amazing. BUT that's all you can have... and it's not easy. Jason describes it as a 'mental' hunger that you might experience, but it's a big adjustment not chewing anything at all for a whole week. You definitely get used to it though and you feel progressively better as the days go on.

(You can't drink caffeine, so if you're an addict this may cause headaches as with all detox programmes, but they soon go and leave you feeling great... I promise!)

Despite BBQs going on, I sat there with my green juice, feeling pretty great to be honest. You really don't want to eat bad food by the end, and in terms of weight loss... I shed 6lbs in total over the week, without going to the gym, which is actually SO astonishing.

So, the big answer as I have said is... a solid yes. This works... BUT don't expect to keep any weight off if you go straight back to a bad routine, this is a lifestyle change. An in-app 14 day plan is available for £1.49 (the app is £4.99 initially), which guides you back into solid foods without reaching for the take out menu.

This is such a win, and I couldn't recommend it more. I will definitely do it again whenever I feel like a detox or cleanse, I have so much skin and hair look so much better, and I just feel sooo good. AMAZING.

 Check it out here:

If you have any questions, I'd love to help!

Lots of Love,

O.P.I Bond Girls Liquid Sand Minis

The Bond Girls

This is a fab four piece set of some truly sexy liquid sand shades, from the 007 O.P.I collection. 

Each polish is themed on one of the fiery famous faces of James Bond filmography. The sexy Jinx, Vesper, Pussy Galore (a personal favourite) and Solitaire. You don't have to be a fan of the 007 franchise to appreciate the mystifying beauty of these textured sand polishes. Each with a gorgeous shimmer, that dries into a subtle 'sand' effect. 

Jinx (1 and 2 coats)

I LOVE Jinx. It is such a perfect Summer colour, not only offsetting a tan beautifully, but it looks like a tropical sunset with the stunning coral, and flecks of a rich gold. Its like wearing a ruby on each of your fingers. I am wearing it as I type... and I honestly couldn't be happier with life.

Vesper (1 and 2 coats)

This is another super stunning colour. From the bottle you can't really see what the deal really is, but once you apply it... as you can see, it's a multi-dimensional magic polish; like a Sapphire with flecks of beautiful black glitter.

Pussy Galore (1 and 2 coats)

This is slightly more subtle. If you fancy a pink Summery shimmer, but you want to keep it a bit more soft and girly... this is the polish for you. It has the same sparkle as the others, and of course the amazing sand effect, yet the colour lends itself to a traditional girly manicure.. but with a Pussy Galore kick.

Solitaire (1and 2 coats)

Shine bright like a Diamond... pretty much enough said. Glitter, sand and all over gorgeousness. Ice your nails up with this n-jazzle of a polish (sorry)...

What do you think of these colours? 

Lots of Love,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Suade Lip Colour

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suade

These lip pops come in a massive array of colours, so it was so hard to pick three, but I fell in love with these ultimate summery shades. I was drawn in by the look of the slightly shimmery/satin appearance, with the promise of longevity too!

The colours are a lot more subtle than they look in the bullet, but I love this. They are sort of sheer yet beautifully pigmented, amazing to compliment a tan, or a pop of fresh blush.

020 Front Frow

020 On the Lip

Front Row is such a beautiful shimmery pink, with diamond like particles that reflect, like a very subtle gloss. The only suggestion I have is to prime your lips, or wear a balm underneath as it does dry and nobody likes a dry lip line with a pale colour! Otherwise, it's stunning on.

015 Runway

Runway on the Lip

I absolutely adore this colour and I cannot WAIT to wear it with a tan, shimmy cheeks...and a cocktail. It's not normally a colour I would go for, but it looks so amazing on, and it's subtle enough that I think it would really compliment most skin tones... especially in the Sun.

020 It Girl

It Girl on the Lip

I am such a sucker for a Coral lip, and It Girl is the most perfect combo of a bright coral, which is subtle enough to wear day to night. It adds a pop of colour to any look, and just finishes your lips off, with a lovely summery sheen. Amazing.

I love this lip colours, and may have to invest in some of the other many magical colours they have to offer. Oh Revlon, you're so naughty!

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb by LUSH

It's no secret I adore Lush, especially their heavenly bath bombs. With a such a vast choice, it's sometimes difficult to know which to pick, but if you're in the mood to be romanced... the Sex Bomb is a real treat.

It is jammed packed of sensual and relaxing oils, such as Clary Sage, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang and is oozed with lots of lovely Soya milk, so you feel beautifully soft, whilst smelling AM-azing.

I love how it turns your whole bath pink as well... such simple things. But, it really does a beautiful job, it is sooo relaxing and sensuous. Who needs love when you have a Sex Bomb in your bath? And if David Gandy is otherwise engaged, this is one hell of a gorgeous substitute....

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No7 Lipstick in Glace

Glace is SUCH a perfect summer colour. Not only does it tick the trend for violet hues, but it is softly kissed with a light gold shimmer. The perfect way to offset bronzed cheek bones, absolute brilliance in a tube. 

In the shadows

Natural Sunlight

If you hurry there is £3 off all No7 cosmetics, when you spend £5 in store. I definitely recommend this, I am so so happy I chose it over another slightly different shade of red...

Lots of Love,

Saturday, May 11, 2013

LUSH's Mask Of Magnaminty

This minty fresh mask by lush, is a cool and refreshing pack, that soothes, reduces pores and generally refreshes skin.

I love it. I love the Organic ingredients, the smell, texture and most importantly, I love the result.

After use my skin feels super soft, oil free and as airbrushed as possible, without the use of a primer. Fantastic stuff.

This does say it's a face and back pack, so if you suffer from spots or acne on your back, I am sure it would really help soothe that down effectively. I fortunately don't suffer from problem skin on my back, so I can't say for sure, but from my purifying experience on my face, I would definitely give it a shot.

Shrek the Second


As you can see, it's a similar consistancy to a mud mask, with a thick application and a slow drying formula. It's easy to wash off in the shower with warm water, and really leaves your skin feeling peppermint fresh and in absolute mint condition (sorry)...

Let me know if you like it too, I can't get enough of Lush at the moment, and I would love any of your favourite recommendations :)

Lots of Love,

Friday, May 10, 2013

Body Shop Summer Haul

Body Shop Beauty Buys

It's no secret that I love the Body Shop, and I love Summer. So combine the two and there's a match made in body beautifying heaven.

I picked up a few items that I absolutely love, especially at this time of year... when the Sun is making it's annual appearance in Great Britain. First, a couple of (surprise, surprise) Coconut scented items, being the new Eau de Toilette and my true love, the Coconut Milk body spray. 

These are both gorgeous, and so so reminiscent for me, of balmy Summer evenings, and beachy days in the heat, with wave tangled hair, and soft sand-caressed skin. Perfection.

The other bits n' bobs I grabbed, are all under the buff-your-body umbrella. First, a couple of body scrubs. I have used these for years (the Shea is AMAZING in Winter, as it's super moisturising), but I chose the new Brazil Nut (smells like a dream) and the to-die-for Chocomania. I want/need to eat it, it smells incredible and not at all too sickly or sweet.

I've been really into buffing and brushing my 'wobblier' areas (my bum) lately, in foresight of the bikini season (post/vlogs coming soon!!), and I got this round brush to help really go to town with my dry brushing ritual. Spikey but amazing. I also picked up a foot file, to smooth down any rough Winter skin, ready for the foot bearing season, there's no point in having the most beautiful polish on your toes, if you have foot skin rougher than a hedgehog's...back.

Scrub Perfection

New Brazil Nut Cream Body Scrub

Body Brush - Perfect Handle

Bristles Ahoy

Coconut Body Milk

Chocomania Sugar Body Scrub (try not to eat....)

Coconut Eau De Toilette


Let me know your Body Shop beauty must-haves, and fingers crossed for a sunny summer. (Seriously sun.... do not mess us around again.)

Lots of Love,

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bronze Goddess Perfume 2013

The sun is out, and it can only mean one thing - Bronze Goddess. This succulent, summery sensation is a mouthwatering mix of all the hot summer smells that take you bang onto a beach, with the coconutty air whipping gently over your body, and the taste of a fabulous cocktail on your lips, its the best summer feeling - bottled.

And bottled how. 2013's look is a sexy solid gold offering, which visually encapsulates the sexy scent.

Its fresh like grapefruit, tangy like blood orange and sensuous like coconut and sandalwood. It's really the best thing to wear if you're feeling summery, I am really tempted to buy another bottle and the body oil - it's literally THAT good. It's £45 for 100ml, which is actually not too expensive at all, and you can get it from most good Estee Lauder counters and Boots. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Tweezerman Mini Essentials Kit

Mini Kit

This mini nail-care kit by Tweezerman is the perfect travel (or indeed home) companion to keep your fingers looking fantastic. It contains a specially desgined cuticle snipper, a dual ended nail cleaner/ cuticle pusher and nail file, which is both hardy and delicate on the nails. All for £22! Available as ASOS now - link. (But hurry, it's low stock!!)

One end cleans out nails, the other gently pushes back cuticles

Sapphire File - Gently yet effectively files nails

Cuticle Snipper

The highlight of the kit for me, (although each item is really fab), is definitely the specially designed cuticle snipper. It's especially shaped so you can easily snip away hangnails, and excess skin around the nail, to give a tidy look, and stop painful hangnail incidents.

It's like a professional manicure in your pocket. Plus, it's SO cute.