Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sensational Summer Bag!

Just needed to share my latest summer purchase, as I have always found it pretty difficult to hone in on the perfect summer accessories - especially bags. I adore white bags, but get them wrong and you can be staring down the wrong end of chav, it's important that they are styled right and look elegant yet edgy.
This year I have chances upon the Pippa grab bag by modalu - I'm in love and it's going to be a white wedding. It's the perfect mix of texture, design and colour, which provides the ULTIMATE summer bag.

Bring on summer '12 (and please stop raining England, the joke's over now..), let me know your ultimate summer '12 pick-me-ups!

Love Lauren xx

Royally Great Nails

The jubilee got me thinking, it's always fun to support your nation, and what better way than through accessorising. If like me you can't fit direct flag artistry into your everyday look in terms of tops or trousers...fear not for once again nails are the subtle saviour. I used a Nail Rock in a golden union jack pattern, a pearl polish by Revlon and a delicious jewel strip by Envy 3D nail wraps in candy sprinkles. I just placed the nail wraps on different fingers and used the Revlon varnish on the remaining ones. I wanted it to look random and interesting yet polished! You use the different brands of nail varnish in different ways, but it's best if you have a base coat, top coat, acetone and a nail file to hand web using them. They can be tricky but the results are worth it, even if you're a first timer like me!

I hope you had a brilliantly british weekend, let me know any other nail fancies you have,

Love Lauren xx