Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Caviar and Velvet (Nails)

I'm a fan of ciatè nails. Actually no, I need to come out and admit it - I'm obsessed. I got these 3 sets lately (2 velvet and one caviar) and created this very royal/ seasonal mani with them!

They're so easy to use, in each case, after your second coat of the provided polish you tip on a load of either the velvet or the cavalier beads and brush off the excess (economical). Then wait for 15/20 mins and bob's your (very stylish) uncle.

Be warned people will ask where you got them done, feel free to smugly say you did them yourself, nobody needs to know how easy they are.. ;)

Love and peace, Lauren xx

Friday, November 16, 2012

3D Lips

This is a good way to enhance your lips and give them that extra oomph. Perfect for wandering around near mistletoe this season..

I decided on a plum version, as i'm loving rich jewel tones this autumn/ winter!

To begin, apply a nice layer of your base colour (the mid shade of your chosen colours), I used Topshop's - Brighton Rock. Then get a darker colour such as Model's Own - Blackcurrant. Put this round the edge of your lips, like a thickish lip liner, then simply blend towards the centre of your lips, using your finger.

Lastly for the real highlight effect, use a lighter colour on the very centre of your lips, where the light naturally catches it!

You can also put a small blob of highlighter in the middle too and around the Cupid's bow and outer corners of the lip - for an ultra glam evening look!

Have fun with palettes and designs!

Merry Kissmass (nearly),

Love, Lauren xx

Thursday, November 15, 2012

How To - Glitter Bug Nails

You will need, a few coloured polishes for the base, palette is totally up to you. Then some glitter varnishes, and some nail art pens if you have them! I also used the mother of pearl ciaté caviar nails.

You start with a base coat, whichever colour on whichever nail, it's very flexible and arty, so just go with what feels right.

Once dry, begin patterning your nails- the fun bit :)!! I used cocktail sticks (dip in and design - simple), and nail art pens.

You can make your designs 3D with a steady hand, lots of polish...and TIME to dry after!

Show me your favourite nail designs,

Love Lauren xx

Hot Winter Nails

Rawrr. Yep that's the sound of these super hot nails, spicing up your hands this autumn/winter.

Start with an orange base, and use a black thin nibbed nail art pen to create stripes once the orange is dry. Make them as free and animalistic as you like.

You'll be queen of the urban jungle, meeeow!

Love, Lauren xx