Wednesday, June 26, 2013

RiRi Woo and RiRi Boy


This was part two of Rihanna's phenomenal success story of a collaboration with M.A.C. The first batch of RiRi Woo sold out in less than two hours a couple of months ago, so beauty manics around the world were chomping at the bit to get a peak at what the beautiful songstress had in store for round two.

They re-released RiRi Woo (a gorgeous Blue Red shade) and RiRi Boy (a show-stopping lavender) as well as Heaux (a plum red) in terms of lip colours, alongside a bronze/blush and a highlighter/illuminator.

I opted for Woo and Boy (20 minutes in and Heaux was already out of stock...), and I couldn't be happier. Both colours are vivid, long-lasting matte shades, that scream effortless cool, much like the lady herself.

RiRi Boy

RiRi Boy no flash

RiRi Boy with flash

I absolute LOVE RiRi boy, I have honestly been on a mission to find the perfect lavender shade, and this is IT. I sat through a whole Sunday Lunch, without the need to re-apply and the heavenly hue is perfect as a transition from day to night. Versatile is an understatement.

RiRi Woo

RiRi Woo with flash

RiRi Woo no flash

Again, RiRi Woo is an incredible colour (but what else did you expect from M.A.C and Rihanna?!..
It is super flattering, and would definitely suit most skin tones, it's definitely a slightly safer bet that Boy, if you're not feeling a hit of Lavender in your life.

Well, as you may have guessed this lot are alllll sold out as far as I know, but fingers crossed there is talks of another launch with Miss Fenty.... so watch this space. I will definitely be re-stocking if these colours become available, I am in absolute LOVE with them both (especially boy...). 

Ahhhh Rihanna, you really are a Diamond, so much love.

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

FAST Shampoo and Conditioner - Results

FAST or Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy

I did a quick post about the FAST Shampoo and Conditioner, which you can find here. It's a product that was developed in Canada to promote hair re-growth for patients recovering from chemotherapy, so I was desperate to see if these amazing claims could possibly be true?

As you may have read in my previous post, I was trying this to really grow out a horrific layer incident which seemed to refuse to grow back, (too short to really tuck behind an ear, forget putting up without bobby pins), and was desperate to try this, with such amazing claims it was too irresistible not to try.

I have steered clear of any sort of heat styling tools, and used FAST religiously for the last few weeks until the bottles were empty....

...and yes. It works. My hair has grown about 2 (maybe a little more) inches in the last 3 months, and for slow growing hair, that is just amazing. I know this for a fact, as my annoying layer of doom can now be tied easily into a ponytail, and blends wayyy better in with the rest of my hair. 

I have also noticed the regrowth of my natural colour. Now, I dyed my hair absolutely ages ago, and didn't touch it since, so much so I pretty much presumed the colour I had going on was my own. But no. I have a subtle (but it's definitely there), couple of inches of growth of my actual natural hair colour, which is another bit of proof that this stuff really works!

I would say - it definitely makes your hair lighter, and my mum tried it but stopped (horrified) after one use as it stripped colour very rapidly out of her hair, so if you have coloured hair that is definitely something to think about. But apart from that...?! It's pretty much a miracle product and I would definitely recommend using it for that little extra oomph of growth.

Yes, it's not the most nourishing and no, it doesn't smell the best (a bit clinical), but if it's results you're after... this does it's job and then some.

At £25 for both Shampoo and Conditioner, (available at most Boots)... it's quite expensive, but definitely worth it, if you are trying to grow out some kind of a hair disaster or are desperately hankering after a couple more inches to add to your locks.

What do you think? Has anyone else tried FAST?

Lots of Love,

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bourjois Bronzing Primer

New Bourjois Bronzing Primer

I love a bit of tan, especially this time of year... and the concept of a Bronzing Primer really appeals to me. I definitely perceived it as a product I would use under/over foundation as a base for bronzer, so not an 'all over face' primer as the name might suggest. 

I really think it's perfect for just adding extra depth in areas you want to bronze, like cheekbones, temples and forehead. I really love it! A little definitely goes a long, long way, so be cautious when applying. I just got a tiny bit on my finger, and really built it up gently, giving the ultimate control.

Bronzing Primer on the Skin


As you can see it blends perfectly, and looks fantastic with a dusting of powder bronzer over the top, for a gorgeous sun goddess look. Amazing.

At the moment you can buy this for the introductory price of £6.99 from Boots (normally £9.99), so snap it up soon!

Bronze and kisses,