Thursday, January 31, 2013

Topshop Nail Polish in Tidal - *Review*

As you may have gathered from my post and Vlog about Topshop makeup, I am quite the fan, and the nail polishes are no exception.

I must admit, this is probably only the 3rd or 4th Topshop polish I have tried, but whenever I have, they seem to be really pigmented, pretty and best of all brilliant quality.

Tidal is a really on-trend pale grey/blue. It really compliments my skin tone, despite having a blue base, my skin looks fresh and healthy, and it sits really well on my nails.

Tidal - No Flash
Tidal - Flash
 As you can see, it's a really gorgeous bright, yet subtle colour with a high sine gloss finish. I just applied two coats, with an undercoat of Sally Hansen's Nail Growth Treatment (which I always bang on about - but it's THE best). I think you could almost call this colour a pastel, as it is a really baby blue, but the grey edge actually gives it an extra dimension of colour. To me, the name Tidal is almost reminiscent of the foam at the edge of a rough sea, so you have a mix of the white, greys and pale blues, as it rolls onto shore.

I went a step further with this colour. After wearing it for a few hours with the gloss shining out-loud, I couldn't resist mattifying it, just because you might say i'm a little obsessed with that at the moment... The gloss itself is really, really lovely, but i'm just so into anything matte right now, I couldn't resist!

I once again used my Rimmel Matte Finish Mattifying Polish, once Tidal was dry, and here are the results...

Matte With Flash

Matte Without Flash
I love the gloss, and I love the matte. I really think it depends what mood you're in, matte is a bit more 'edgy' and gloss screams classic beauty, you can always mix and match, I always love that! 

I definitely love the colour, quality and look of this polish. The packaging is too cute for words, and at £5, the bottle is a decent size for your money. The brush isn't the biggest, so if you rely on large, Revlon sized wands, you might find it a bit tricky. Saying that though, it isn't remarkably small, so do not let that put you off!

Basically yum and love! Let me know if you've tried Topshop polishes, and which are your faves?

Nails and Love, Lauren xx

Mini Post - Barry M Pastel Nails *Update*

I thought I would do a quick mini post, on the longevity of the pastel BarryM polishes I tried a few days ago. I definitely say that I recommend BarryM polishes, I have been an avid user of their delicious paint pots for a long time, and these were no exception. To see my initial thoughts and pictures, see my post here. 

Mint Green 304, Hi Shine Gelly in Blueberry 301and Strawberry Ice cream 309
The nail colours only started to chip very slightly on a couple of fingers on my left hand, after nearly 3 days, (which is strange as I'm right handed...), but my right hand remained totally untouched. As well as this the gorgeous Gelly pot stayed shiny and glossy until the moment I took it off, it really does look great, like a Shellac manicure. 

The Right Hand After 3 Days - Good As New

The Left Hand - Minimal Chips

For £3.99 a pot, the Gelly pots are an absolute bargain, and I will definitely be investing in some new colours, especially the new spring collection, which will be released on February 13th. I practically squealed when I saw the new colours, including a neon green, orange, a nude/yellow and a beautiful deep pink. I will be the first in line, and I will put a post up reviewing them all for you!
Image Courtesy of BarryM Cosmetics

I am still a die-hard BarryM nail paint fan, and this test only confirms that even more. I highly recommend them for great value and exceptional quality. They have such a such array of colours, and innovations, I can't wait to see what they are going to do next. I would go as far as to say, that they are the best high street brand for polishes bar none, especially the new Gelly pots!

Who else will be grabbing a Hi Shine Gelly Pot on Feb 13th? 

I can't wait to hear what you think of BarryM polishes!

Love, Lauren xx

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ThisWorks - The Dream Team *Review*

I bought this dinky duo set, in the ThisWorks online sale for £6. Inside is a mini (5ml) deep sleep stress less rollerball containing aromatherapy oils, which you roll onto your pulse points before bed, to promote a blissful sleep. You also get a tiny (5ml) pillow spray, which you are meant to 'gently inhale for a great night's sleep'. I just spritz this onto my pillow and sleep away, as the name suggests.

I absolutely love the smell of these both, with natural oils such as lavender, they definitely make me feel more relaxed and happy. I use each one, just before I'm about to turn off my light, and my nose is filled (gently), with the soft fragrant elements of these dreamy lovelies. A real dream team..

I have been really sleepy lately, so I have been drifting off as soon as my head hits the pillow, and sleeping straight through until morning. This is probably normal for some people, but I am prone to the occasional bout of insomnia, or a disturbed night's sleep. I am not sure whether I am just super tired at the moment, or if these really help, it's difficult to call. But I can say for sure that they definitely relax me and smell so so gorgeous.

I recommend getting these, if you want to try something for a more restful sleep, or if you'd just like a blissful little treat before bed. Either way, you wont be disappointed. You could even take them on a plane with you, if you are scared of flying, as the smell will definitely help you relax, and that can't be bad!

Sleep Well!

Love Lauren xx

Garnier BB Cream Eye Roll-On *Review*

As you can probably guess from my previous post (rave) about the Garnier BB cream itself, I had mighty high expectations from the eye roll-on. I selected the Medium shade, as that's the colour I used in the BB cream, for an all over flawless face.

So here is a quick review, and as I had hoped and prayed, this is fantastic, like it's BB cream sister.


As you can see in the top picture I have a sort of shadow/bag combo going on under my eyes, which is normally only covered with a pretty hefty concealer and foundation combo. But, as you can see in the one after, one quick roll has eradicated whatever nasties where there before! A true miracle...

It simply glides on when you roll the ball under your eye, and blends effortlessly in, so you cause less damage to your delicate under-eye skin. Ball-tastic.

Shade Medium

I chose the shade Medium, which as you can see from the above swatch, is a natural beige. I would definitely recommend the Light for lighter skin tones, as this colour looks best on me, when I am wearing some kind of a tan on my body. Also, if your foundation is light, you don't want to end up with brown panda eyes, that's the wrong kind of 'bear' skin look...

I definitely recommend this, it's so easy to use and light, yet really conceals not just bags and shadows, but fine lines and wrinkles. It also hydrates, so your skin is taken care of, perfect for Winter winds or Summer sun. Pick up yours from here!

Let me know what you think!

Love Lauren xx

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Frizzy to Beachy - The True Story of One Girl's Curls

The Girl - Jess

This is my gorgeous sister Jess. Unlike me, she has naturally wavy/ curly hair and for years and years, she straightened it every time she washed it. Sound familiar? As much as straight hair did look lovely on her, the condition wasn't how she wanted it, and honestly... it was just a LOT of effort.

I know a big problem with curly or wavy hair, is the big F word. Frizz that is... So, Jess was in a dilemma, did she straighten her hair? or leave it naturally in its wavy glory?... despite the threat of a frizz attack.

Well, she invested in some products, and her hair is now daily, the gorgeous beachy mane many of us can only dream of having, even after tongs and salt spray. This picture was taken post shower and dried naturally. Ab-so-lutely stunning, (yes, I am obscenely jealous!)

So, lets get down to the products...

The Products
As you can see my beloved Moroccanoil features heavily here, we are admittedly a family of Moroccanoil junkies, out and proud. As well as this she uses a Kerastase Nutritive Nutri-Thermique Masque, a couple of times a week in the shower, after shampoo and conditioner (which change a fair bit). If it isn't the Kerastase Masque, she will use one of the Moroccanoil magic masks, which I reviewed here. All of theses really nourish, hydrate and leave your hair in soft lustrous condition, but is this all it takes to fight frizz entirely? Um... no. Nearly, but no.

Magic Potions - Moroccanoil 

Probably the most important part of Jess' hair transformation, came with the products she uses after the shower. Obviously she uses the Moroccanoil Treatment Oil (around 2 pumps for thick/curly hair), which really helps all hair types a treat, but it was the Curl Defining Cream by Moroccanoil which she says makes the most difference. She actually said, and I quote 'if I don't use the Curl Defining Cream, then my hair is way more frizzy', so there you have it, actual results, on an actual person.

Although, as you may have guessed by now, the Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream is the star of this show, the other products she uses really help to nourish and hydrate, which is essential as most frizz is caused by dry or fly-away hair. One of these (which I also use on a daily basis), is the Aussie Luscious Long, leave in conditioner. You just need a couple of spritz's of this to lock in moisture for the day and help hair stay tangle free. Plus, it smells like a dream come true.

Aussie Luscious Long, Leave in Conditioner
The last of the frizz fighting products, is the Tresemme Split Remedy spray. Jess says that she just sprays this a few times on damp hair, after every wash, and along with the other products, it really helps to maintain moisture and diminish frizz. This claims to help mend split ends, and anyone who has had split ends (so pretty much the entire universe), know that they really make your hair appear more dry and 'bushy'. So for curly hair, its extra important to maintain split ends, and Jess really recommends this for really just getting on and doing its job like a trooper.

Tresemme Split Remedy

The one tool that helps caress Jessica's curls into frizzless waves of sunshine, is the almighty Tangle Teezer. This creation by Shaun P allows you to brush through your hair, with minimal pull and break. It detangles even the knottiest hair effortlessly, and in style. It is a multi award winning innovation, and rightly so; it can be used on all hair types to greatly improve hair quality, whilst brushing through any naughty tangles, painlessly.

Tangle Teezer

So there you have it, the true story of frizz to fabulous all through products and tools. I highly recommend the Curl Defining Cream by Moroccanoil, if nothing else. This actually shows results from wash to wash, and makes curly hair, a dream come true. She (hopefully) won't mind me saying that her hair has definitely not always been this way, sometimes she took the saying 'mane' to a whole new level... lion style. But now it's so so fabulous, I would love to have a hair swap, *Sigh*.

Waves of Glory

Beachy Brilliance

Let me know your haircare secrets, or favourite products, I can't wait to hear from you :)

Love Lauren xx

Monday, January 28, 2013

Small Haul on a Rainy Monday

Mini Monday Haul
I bought a few bits today, which I thought I'd share on here, I love haul posts :), but I really need to stop buying things. Whoops...

My magic hair maker, Moroccanoil treatment oil is down to its last few pumps, so this was a necessity, I promise. If you need convincing, you can check out my post all about it. This stuff really is liquid gold.
Moroccan Oil (The Don of Haircare)
Next I bought a couple of tops from Topshop. I'm really loving the whole army/camo trend at the moment, but I didn't want to go full on with heavy print, so this T-shirt was the perfect compromise. It's perfect to dress with a statement necklace and jeans, or girl up with a pink lip and curls. Beaut. And at only £22, it was too good to resist. Get yours from here... you know you want to! I also bought this fab Khaki sheer jumper in the sale for a tiny £7, grab yours from here before they all go. I also wore it today, check out my latest 'What I'm Wearing' post here :)

I also bought this Toppers polish in Tidal, which is a lovely pastel grey/blue, which I am super excited to try! You can get this off the Topshop website, too for around £5. I find their polishes (like their make-up, see my Vlog review here), are really good value for money. High hopes!

Another bit of Topshop (I seem pretty obsessed at this point..) finery I invested in, is this stunning cream blush duo palette by Louise Gray for Topshop. It was £12, now reduced to £3, so if you're looking to invest in a cream blush, but can't decide on a pink or a coral, get both now in the cutest little package I've ever seen! Go Go Go... 

Louise Gray for Topshop

Beautiful Design

Two Colours AND a Mirror for £3? Oh My...

I also bought a few brown hair-grips, because, well... you can never have to many and mine seem to disappear off the face of the Earth once I take them out of my hair. So not the one. These were from Boots and under £2 for the pack. It's the simple things... I also bought a Fedora which you can also see in my What I'm Wearing Today blog, so go check it out, it's a real keeper!

Let me know what you've been busying buying!

Love Lauren xx

Mini Post - What I'm Wearing Today

I thought i'd do a mini post on what I am wearing today, I love these kind of posts on other people's blogs - probably my nosy nature!

This is just a simple winter outfit, it has been raining a lot, so I wanted to wear something stylish, yet practical, to battle the wet winter weather.

My fedora is new, I got it today from Topshop, and I will write up a haul later, including everything else I got too. I love the neautral colour, I really think this will work in Spring and Summer too, as it's quite lightweight and versatile. At £25 it's not extremely cheap, but it really is a great investment and statement piece. Besides... I love hats.

What I Wore Today

Also new, (I'm giving away my whole haul blog here...), is the green jumper. This is also a Topshop number, and was an absolute crazy bargain in the sale for £7. Yep £7. They do it in a number of colours (which my sisters and mum have, so we need to be careful... incase we look like we are trying to do a family 'outfit match' or something, not hot). I love this khaki colour, and it is sheer, in a thin wool fabric, so it looks great over a black strappy top!

The jeans are once again Topshop. They're just black Baxter denims, so they hold their shape and are tighter than some of the other jean designs Topshop make. At around £40, they are great, I have Baxter's in a few different colours, and wear them religiously!

The black leather Chelsea boots are from ASOS, and were from a couple of seasons ago, so I don't think they still stock them. They were around £50 and I wear them to death, they go with everything, and are water resistant, so perfect for the unpredictable English weather.

The coat is by Miso, and is 100% faux fur incase you were wondering. I actually got asked twice today if it's real... but no ladies, I am a vegetarian and very anti-fur! I actually got this from this year's Clothes Show Live at the NEC, for a mere £30. I think normally it retails for around £65, which I think is still fantastic value. It's really very warm, and I just love the look of the fur!

Lastly, my Mulberry bag is the classic Bayswater, and retails for around £700. I have had this for a couple of years, I just love the colour and style. It goes with everything, and I have worn it happily in both day and night, plus it is big enough to store the ungodly amount of bits I feel the need to carry around on a daily basis! You can treat yourself here :)

Let me know what you've been wearing beauties!

Love Lauren xx

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fresh Fragrances I'm Loving Right Now!

Daisy, Chance eau Fraiche, Heat Rush, Chance, G, Elie Saab, Golden Delicious
These sexy scents, are a few of the fragrances I am really into right now. I am a big perfume person, I cannot get enough of the stuff, year-round, everyday, I pop on a fragrance. For me, wearing a perfume helps me feel fully dressed, without one I feel a bit naked and unfinished.

Daisy Eau de Toilette by Marc Jacobs

The first on my list, (in no particular order), is Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I have had this for a couple of years, and am on my second bottle, I just can't get enough of the crisp fruity yet floral scent. With notes of Violet, Jasmine, White Strawberry, Ruby Red Grapefuit, Vanilla and Musks, to name a few, you can see how zingy, yet seductive this perfume is. You can get it yourself from here :).

Chance by Chanel Eau Fraiche, Eau de Toilette and Chance by Chanel, Eau de Parfum
The  word 'Chanel' is almost synonymous itself with class, elegance and beauty. These perfumes do not stray from that association, at all. I got the Chance Eau Fraiche before I got the original, because it was Spring, and the fresh lemon blossom and citrus notes, that lighten the perfume, really got me in the spirit of things. But I loved it so much I bought the original Chance, and this time I went with the Parfum. Yes, the parfum is more expensive, but it lasts so long, and you barely need any to feel sensuously surrounded by the opulent Vanilla, Jasmine and White Musk notes. The Toilette is around £72 for 100ml and the parfum is £88, so they aren't cheap, but the seductive scents truly last and entice. If you feel like indulging in a slice of scent heaven, you can get them from here.

Elie Saab Eau de Parfum

The next, in my fantastic fragrance favourites of the moment, is Elie Saabs first and signature scent, Elie Saab. I also got this perfume in the parfum, because it is a rich and longer lasting smell. With fruity notes, such as Orange Blossom combined with spicy Jasmine and Patchouli and sensuous Honey Rose and Cedar, you know its a perfume that will grab you by the hand and take you to a paradise of indulgent fragrance.

 If you want to treat yourself, this bottle of whimsical wonder, can be bought from here.

DKNY Golden Delicious Eau de Toilette
This adaptation of DKNY's Be Delicious scent, is gorgeous. It smells warm, fresh, tropical and mysterious. Apparently men find the smell of apple really attractive, and I always got compliments when wearing the original, and this is just as juicy. With notes of Apple, Orange Blossom and Plum giving an initial fruit-tastic punch, the softer notes of Lily of the Valley and Vanilla contrast deliciously, only added to by the heavier, sexy tones of Musk, Sandalwood and Teek. You can grab a bottle yourself from here. Watch out boys, delicious by name...

Calvin Klein - Euphoria Eau de Toilette
I know this bottle looks like it's been used to mine for precious stones, but that can only be a good thing. A sign of love and adoration if you will. Calvin Klein's Euphoria, to me, is such a powerful smell. It reminds me of going out. It's so thick with seduction and sass, I tend to wear it at night, and it just oozes confidence and mystery. 

It has some fruity notes; such as Pomegranate, some floral; like Lotus Blossom and Black Orchid and some sensual, like Amber, Cream and Woods. These blend together incredibly, to play a harmony on your skin. Get a bottle yourself, from here..

Its like a hot ticket to feeling amazing, all in a shiny silver case. Love.

To finish, I have a couple of celebrity fragrances, which you may think have the potential to stink (sorry), but are surprisingly gorgeous.

Beyonce - Heat Rush and Gwen Stefani - G

Beyonce is a firecracker. Let's not lie, she is hot stuff coming right at ya. So, when she released an adaptation of her fragrance Heat, I had to smell it. I was absolutely bowled over, this perfume is so tropical and so fruity, it's literally the scent of summer fun. With powerful notes of Passion Fruit Sorbet, Blood Orange, Yellow Tiger Orchid, Mango Blossom and Honey Amber, you can see why this is a cocktail for the senses. Well done B, you've done it again. Heat Rush can be bought from loads of pharmacies (drugstores if you're of an American root), and it really quite cheap at around £25ish for 50ml!

The last is a personal fave, simply because it has coconut in. When The Body Shop discontinued their Coconut perfume oil, I was livid. That was my favourite smell of all time, and it was so cute in its small glass bottle, perfect for handbags and night outs. I decided to see which perfumes had the most coconut in... to try and heal the wound, and many people suggested I tired 'G' by Gwen Stefani. It contains Coconut alright, and Coconut Cream. But that's not all, these are expertly infused with Jasmine, Manderin, Apple Skin and Sandalwood amongst others, to create the big daddy of summer smells. Oh yum and yes please. This is a steal too at £15 for a mini bottle, perfectly small and ridiculously cute!

So, there are a few of my fragrance fancies at the moment, but I really am a perfume addict, so let me know if you have any favourites you want to share, or think I would love!

Love and Scented Kisses, Lauren xx

Barry M Pastel Polishes *Test*

Barry M Nail Paints
I have used Barry M polishes for a while, and for the money (£2.99/£3.99 a pot), they are really good! You definitely have to use two coats to achieve a really nice looking mani, but that is the same with many, more expensive brands too. 

I really fancied a pastel punch on my fingers; the snow has cleared, January is nearly over and I definitely am looking straight forward to Spring! Cue pretty hues, ice-cream shades and a pastel overload. I love it.

I bought three new colours, a Mint Green in 304, a Strawberry Ice Cream in 309, and, the star of the show, one of the new Gelly Hi Shine's in Blueberry 301. Barry M polishes normally last an average amount of time without chipping (perhaps a couple of days, depending on what you're doing!). But, I have heard excellent things about the longevity of the Gelly pots, so this mani is almost like a tasty test, to see if the Gelly polish really outlasts the other two 'regular' colours. I will update in a few days!

Barry M Pastel Fingers
The colours all go on nicely, but the Gelly does, even at this early stage appear to be slightly thicker, and a bit shiner, but really... only time will tell. They are available from most good Barry M counters, but definitely from Boots, which is always a good call for all you product-oholics like me.

Pretty Pastel Pop

Either way, I'm loving all of these colours, they are reminiscent of fun, sun and a fresh palette. I will definitely be wearing these a lot this year, I just hope they last! We shall definitely see, here's hoping guys. 

Let me know what you think of Barry M? Good or bad experiences? Favourite colours? Keep me in the loop lovely ladies... :)

Nails and Love, Lauren xx

Saturday, January 26, 2013

NEW Rimmel Apocalips Tried and Tested

New Rimmel Apocalips

I have seen these new lip-tastic releases from Rimmel circling around blog society, stirring up an outrageous storm, so I just had to try them for myself.

The Wand - A Normal Sponge Aplicator

I was intrigued by the idea of a gloss, applied with a small foam wand, being so highly pigmented and not subtle or sheer at all... Can this really be? Well it can, because there are literally like a lipstick and a gloss rolled into one futuristic package. I bought it in just two colours, because I am trying to be good and because they looked saucy enough to eat.

Colour one is; 500 Luna, a peachy coral. Normally with a coral lip, you imagine subtle colour, especially with a gloss. You'd probably think a shimmer, over the natural colour of your lips, with a hint of a peach shade if you're lucky. Well think again. I was surprised and delighted simultaneously with the thick (yet not gloopy or sticky) gloss, which applies like a dream and colours your lips in a block, yet sophisticated colour.

Luna on my Lips

The next colour I proudly purchased, was 501 Stellar. This is a vibrant pinky/red colour, not as 'fire engine' red as the packaging may suggest, (a lot of swatching went on in boots), which I really love, because it will work really well with a pink blush, and as much as I love a red, red... this is just that ounce more subtle and engaging with my skin tone, in this product.

Stella on my Lips

I love these glosses, they aren't to heavy or sticky, they glide on like a dream and they are absolutely bursting with colour and dimension. I'm wearing Luna now, just for the sake of it... the buttery texture just feels so smooth and soft. Yum.

Swatch - Luna and Stellar

These glorious gloss-sticks are available from all good Rimmel counters, I got mine from Boots, which currently have a 3 for 2 offer on all Rimmel. (I needed a liquid eyeliner too..), so go out there and have a space-age adventure with these luscious lip treats.

Let me know what you think of the colours guys, I am in love!

Luscious Lip Lovin', Lauren xx

Model Co. Fibre Lash Review

As you may have seen, I did a post on products that I can't wait to try the other day, including the Model Co. Fibre Lash. I can safely say that this bad boy, is tried, tested and ADORED. My gorgeous friend Laura suggested I try this a few days ago, and all I can say is... thank you laura. Its like lash heaven in a (lovely pretty) box, and you can get it here, for around £35.

Naked Lashes - Before Mascara

First you apply a layer of the Extension Mascara to naked lashes.

First Coat of Extension Mascara
You then pop on a coat of the (fantastic anyway) mascara, as you would your regular one. It's really great stuff already, so you just know this kit is going to be cray amazing.

Fibre on Lashes

You follow this by brushing some of the lash fibre on top of your mascara. You look like a snow queen or alien for a few seconds, but its totally worth it. The idea is that the second layer of mascara clings like a buddy to the fibres, creating more length, depth and volume. Basically like grow-your-own false lashes, without the fiddling around with tweezers or accidental eyelash ripping situations.

Finished Result, After Second Coat of Mascara
As you can see from the above pic, the mascara grabs ahold of the lashes, and clings on for dear life, creating a dramatically lengthened and plumped-up lash. Brilliant. I have been wearing this all day, at least 8 hours, and it hasn't budged. No mascara speckles under my eyes or on my cheeks, its a real keeper.

This innovative system really works. It stays put, it lengthens and it builds volume. I definitely recommend this, for those who can't stand false lashes, or are just looking for an alternative. You can build it up dramatically for an evening look, or just layer once, for a sexy day eye.

Big and Bold. This Really Works Ladies!

Let me know what you think beauties!

Lashes and Love, Lauren xx