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Louise Roe Inspired Makeover

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Louise Roe is one of my favourite celebrities, as a stylist, guru and inspiration. Not only is she gorgeous, but she has a wicked sense of fashion, and her make-up always looks flawless. I decided to do a representation of Louise's natural, yet glamourous look, which works for day and night, and is simple to recreate.

As you can see, I started this without a scrap of makeup on, and clearly my skin needed a little help with the signature radiant glow of Miss Roe. I began with a glow giving primer, in the form of bareMinerals Prime Time, brightening primer, which I simply applied all over my face with my fingers.

I then dotted Benefit's Sunbeam highlighter, over my cheek bones, my brow bones and down the front of my nose, being careful not to go crazy; you want to look glowing not blind people with your glare! I smoothed this in with the Real Techniques contour brush.

Foundation wise, I simply pumped a couple of squirts of Benefit's (a lot of Benefit I know... I'm an addict), Hello Flawless in Honey, and buffed flawlessly into my skin with Jemma Kidd's 09 foundation brush. This foundation is perfect for day, as its a light to medium coverage, so great if you want a nice warm base, but not so much if you want to cover blemishes.

I then mixed Boi-ing by Benefit in shades 02 and 03, running under the eyes, around the nose and again, down the front of the nose, to conceal any dark marks or circles, using the Real Techniques concealer brush.

Moving onto the eyes, I primed with Urban Decay eye primer, and used the Real Techniques liner brush, and Topshop gel liner in Ink, to trace along the upper lash-line and out into a cat-eye flick. Louise regularly wears a bold, black lash-line, which really emphasises her big, Bambi eyes. Beaut.

Next, I used the Naked2 palette by Urban Decay, choosing Venus and Foxy mixed as the base, which I swept across the whole upper lid, and under my brows, using Real Techniques base shadow brush. Using this same tool, pop a bit of Tease and Suspect (mixed once again), to the outer corners of the lid, to about centre. I then blended again, with the RT blending brush. 

To create this subtle smokey effect, I took the RT accent brush, and popped Snakebite and Suspect all along my upperlash line, just slightly above the gel liner, and up into the crease, again about half way. I then blended this bad boy again. (Blending is essential with a smokey eye, or it's more like a punch in the face with eyeshadow..). I then went over the gel liner with Prestige liquid liner, for a more intense black.

For eyebrows, as Louise has such a fantastic dark pair, I just filled my normally medium browns, with a much darker brown, using Buck from the Naked palette.

I used a subtle dotting of gel liner along my bottom lashline, literally ON, not below, to make the eyes pop, without them looking too outlined and heavy. I followed this with a gentle caress of Half Baked and Foxy under the bottom lashline, to highlight and reflect colour in the eyes. I then applied two coats of They're Real Mascara by Benefit.

I used the RT buffing brush, coupled with Benfit's Hoola bronzer, under my cheekbones, in my temples, on the top of my forehead and around my chin, to contour and bring much needed colour to my skin. I also subtly contoured my nose, by gently sweeping the brush down each side and along the base. Using the contour brush, I popped Coralista by Benefit to the apples of my cheeks for a tropical blush, followed by Fake Bake's Beyond Bronze. This is highly pigmented and works as a highlighter on top of the bronze and blush. You could also use the Prism stick by Topshop.

For Louise's lovely lips, I simply popped on Benefit's Posie Tint, followed by Prime Venom by DuWop and finally Innocent lipstick by Topshop.

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That is my take on a natural everyday look, based on Louise Roe. I will put up more Vlogs and video tutorials very soon, please ask if you have any questions!

Love and more, Lauren xx

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