Monday, January 21, 2013

Dr. Bronner's Shikakai Soap and Lipbalm

I am such a sucker for anything organic, food and product-wise, so Dr. Bronner's fair trade, organic skincare range was practically taylor made for my tastes. I picked up a hand and body shikakai soap in spearmint peppermint and a peppermint lip balm.

The hand and body soap is ideal for perking you up in the shower, the fresh tingly notes of mint wake up your senses, smell divine and gently cleanse your skin. You get a large bottle (355ml) for around £6 at ASOS at the moment. So hurry and try this skin spectacular.

Similarly, the peppermint lip balm is beautifully minty, leaving your lips feeling soft, kissable and with a lovely fresh tingle. Keep your pout perfect in this snowy weather, with a daily dose of this mini miracle worker. This is currently only £2 at ASOS as well, so you can mint up your mouth for next to nothing!

I think I am officially a Dr. Bronner convert. Fair trade, fair price and fair on your body. More please...

Minty Love, Lauren

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