Sunday, January 13, 2013

Moroccanoil Review

I know this has been reviewed billions of times across the blogosphere, but my god is this stuff good.

It is infused with Aragon oil which just sinks into your hair, renewing and just sexing your mane up a treat.

The entire range (and I say this from experience), really works. I have used the moisture repair shampoo and conditioner and the repair and hydration masks, as well, of course as the big daddy himself the original morrocanoil treatment oil.

There are products for all hair types, if it's very fine - the 'light' oil is great, if it's very curly or thick (like my sister's), there are a few specifically targeted products, which I will review at some point! A dream in aqua and orange.

You basically use the oil everyday on wet hair, about a £ size for normal hair and more or less accordingly. You can also use a little spritz of this heavenly elixir, after you have styled your hair, to smooth fly-always.

The masks and shampoo and conditioner are basically just really naughty indulgent treats for your locks, they really amp up moisture and general condition, and when used together, you really will notice the difference in quality.

The oil itself is an untouchable part of my daily routine and I (dramatically) couldn't live with out it. It's a hairevolution!!

Try and you won't regret, it's not a product wonder for nothing!!

Love Lauren xx

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