Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fresh tofu stir-fry and Cleansing Tea

This meal is a fail safe for a satisfying, tasty and healthy choice. Tofu or bean curd is a great source of antioxidants and protein, and the fresh vegetables are low calorie and packedddd mighty full of essential vits and mins.

You can 'beef' (although this is a veggie dish ;)..) this meal up, with some rice noodles or brown rice, which is a good source of fibre.

For afters, why not try a Pukka Cleansing tea? It aids digestion and tastes like herbal dream..

AND last but very much not least, still craving a cheeky bit of choc? Of course. Well pleaseee invest in some dark chocolate, (at least 75% cocoa is best), and have a couple of squares. It's guilt free pleasure, as this is also FULL of antioxidants too.

You'll look like an amazing antioxidant filled beauty queen in no time. Prom.

Stir fry yourself sexy,

Love Lauren xx

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