Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Xen Tan Moroccan Tan

I have been a firm friend of tanning in general, and in a monogamous relationship specifically, with Xen Tan for about the past year. I normally use the dark lotion, weekly self tan. This is a fantastic product, (which I think smells like Dr. Pepper... others may disagree), which really works. This is literally my fail safe, go-to product for any last minute tanning emergencies, and definitely plays a big part in glamming in advance for any event. You apply, with an instant coverage and then wash off after a few hours (I normally leave it overnight), to reveal a SPLENDID natural olive based tan of dreams.

Imagine then, my absolute delight when I saw the new Xen Tan Moroccan Tan. This exotic beauty is a deep instant tan, which not only does what the Xen Tan dark lotion does, but is infused with some yummy moisturising argan oils and smells like COCONUT. I love coconut (I could go as far to say obsessed with...), I have sprays, perfumes, butters, hair products...and many more scented with this divine tropical smell.

So, basically what we have here is a tan which you pop on for a fantastic dark, yet natural looking tan, which not only deeply moisturises your skin, but develops and when washed off, leaves a beautiful tone to last you around a week. Oh and then there's the coconut thing...but maybe that's just me.

I have applied my first ever layer to my upper body (it's winter, who is really going to be checking out my pale-as pins..), and am eagerly awaiting the results, post shower tomorrow.

Appplication-wise I use Xen Tan's mitt which is just easy and uncomplicated, it gets the job done without streaks or unruly orange hand mishaps.

I shall report back once I've revealed the developed tan in the morning, but until then remember the best way to a healthy glow is from a bottle, and hopefully this bad boy is the one i've been waiting for..

Tan and Love, Lauren xx

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