Friday, January 18, 2013

Freezing and Fabulous - Wonderful Winter Essentials

Winter Warmers
Since the weather outside is frightful, I thought i'd show you some things... I find delightful. This is a little warming collection of the loveliest products, which keep me going snow or shine.

Hair wise, Winter can really be a bit brutal on your locks, with all the central heating, blustery winds, and freezing temperatures. It's not surprising then, that it might be crying out for some TLC. I do have rather a mighty collection of products that I love to use on my hair, (and i'm trying new ones all the time), but these two; Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique, and the new Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine mask are just wonderful.

The Aussie mask, is a simple treat for in the shower, just leave on after shampooing for a couple of minutes, and your hair feels infinitely softer and shinier. It is purse-friendly too, at under £5, and like the rest of the Aussie range, it smells like heaven in a bottle.

Nectar Thermique is slightly pricer at around £16, but this is such a sumptuous treatment, I use it every time I am going to use any form of heated styler (including a hair dryer) on my hair. With built in heat defence, and aimed at dry to very dry hair, it smoothes down fly-aways, whilst giving hair a silky, stylish look. Perfect for the harshness of Winter, and if it's good enough for Kim Kardashian...

The Vitamin E range by The Body Shop, is fantastic for very dry skin. My skin is normally oily to combination, but in Winter, even my face needs a little extra loving. The most delicate part of my face, being the skin around my eyes, is greatly comforted by the high moisture shot provided by the Vitamin E eye cream. I love to finish any make-up look with a spritz of the Vitamin E face mist, which not only locks in moisture, but actually sets your make-up. I think a congratulations is in order Body Shop.

Staying with The Body Shop, I HAVE to tell you about my unbelievable love for the Shea body scrub. It is a lovely exfoliator, which not only removes dead skin, but replenishes moisture in the most amazing way I have ever had with any bath or shower product. My skin is the softest of all time when I use any of the Shea range, and this scrub is a firm favourite. The Shea beautifying oil is on the same track, and can be used in hair, on the skin, in the bath...really anywhere and anytime. It's that kind of a product.

In terms of moisturiser, I love to use Steam Cream, on my face and body. It's a light, beautifully scented lotion, made in combination with steam, that gives the lightest yet most sumptuous feel when applied. Talking of sumptuous, if I want a treat that will make me feel...and smell divine, I reach for my DKNY Golden Delicious Body Lotion. This shimmery (oh yes...) scented superstar, smells of the sensual DKNY perfume, and stays on all day, brightening up any weather.

Burt's Bees, Sally Hansen and Cath Kidston

Finally, these these bad boys are my essentials. Lip care is a MUST. Burt's Bees lip balm in Acai Berry, is not only a handbag fave, to wack out when the cold winds blow, but can be used each and every night before bed, to ensure smooth, kissable lips. (Just in case..). Sally Hansen's Nailgrowth Miracle, is just that. It is the sole reason my nails grow without breakage, and is essential this time of year, when nails seem to snap, just by looking at the sunless sky. Last but not least, the epitome of charming cuteness, Cath Kidston herself, and her exquisite tissues. Perfect for emergency winter nose troubles, and for generally brightening up your bag!

Let me know your Winter wonders!

Snow and Love, Lauren xx

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