Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ThisWorks - The Dream Team *Review*

I bought this dinky duo set, in the ThisWorks online sale for £6. Inside is a mini (5ml) deep sleep stress less rollerball containing aromatherapy oils, which you roll onto your pulse points before bed, to promote a blissful sleep. You also get a tiny (5ml) pillow spray, which you are meant to 'gently inhale for a great night's sleep'. I just spritz this onto my pillow and sleep away, as the name suggests.

I absolutely love the smell of these both, with natural oils such as lavender, they definitely make me feel more relaxed and happy. I use each one, just before I'm about to turn off my light, and my nose is filled (gently), with the soft fragrant elements of these dreamy lovelies. A real dream team..

I have been really sleepy lately, so I have been drifting off as soon as my head hits the pillow, and sleeping straight through until morning. This is probably normal for some people, but I am prone to the occasional bout of insomnia, or a disturbed night's sleep. I am not sure whether I am just super tired at the moment, or if these really help, it's difficult to call. But I can say for sure that they definitely relax me and smell so so gorgeous.

I recommend getting these, if you want to try something for a more restful sleep, or if you'd just like a blissful little treat before bed. Either way, you wont be disappointed. You could even take them on a plane with you, if you are scared of flying, as the smell will definitely help you relax, and that can't be bad!

Sleep Well!

Love Lauren xx


  1. Going to give this a try! Great review xx

    1. It so soothing and relaxing, I'm just about to use some before bed :), thanks lovely!


  2. I'd love to try out sleeping aids like this however I really dislike the scent of lavender which causes a problem.

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

    1. You could maybe try products that contain ylang ylang, chamomile or even lemon essential oils. They all have relaxing properties, so maybe you could buy one as just a pure essential oil and burn it before bed, or rub a little into your pulse points?

      I also drink a herbal tea by Pukka called Night Time, which is lovely and relaxing too :)

      your blog is fantastic, i am just about to follow!

      Lauren xx

  3. I drink Pukka Night Time tea too! I love it. Also loving this review: will definitely try these out for stressful final year sleep deprivation times.

    lots of love x

    1. You do? I love it! I literally have one every night! They're really nice, I totally love them, the little roller ball is perfect to carry round in your bag when you have something scary to do! (exams....)

      Love xx