Friday, January 25, 2013

Products I Can't Wait to Try!!

I am in love with the postman these days, he always brings me lovely treats, and today was no exception. I got the dream team box from thisworks, The Model Co Fibre Lash and a gorgeous proto-col gel moisturiser.

Thisworks dream team set
This dream team set, is £6 at the moment in the sale on the thisworks website. I am so excited to try this mini sleep savour set! It contains a mini pillow mist, to help you relax and dream of sweet nothings, as soon as your head hits your pillow. It also contains a stress less balm, which you pop on your pulse points, to soothe and calm and get your brain, as well as your body, ready for bed. I am definitely trying this tonight! Pillow perfection.

Models Co Fibre Lash
I have heard many a great thing about the Models Co fibre lash, and I have finally got it for myself. It is a mascara, which you apply underneath, and then again on top of a coat of 'lash fibres' (which looks like mini white candy floss). It supposedly works like building your own false lashes, with no need for the tweezers or glue! I will definitely try this out this weekend and do a full blog or vlog to review this, and give you the honest results. Longer lashes in an instant? Could it be so?... I cannot WAIT to find out! This costs around £35 from Boots, or many other shops/ online stores. So, it's quite pricey, but if it works, it is SO worth it. I will let you know shortly, so watch this space ladies.

I was very kindly given this moisturiser by my lovely aunt, (a real hottie), who definitely knows what she is talking about when it comes to beauty, so i'm dying to give this a whirl. It is a gel moisturiser, which is filled with lovely skin plumping collagen. Being a gel, it isn't too rich, but sinks straight into the skin, hydrating and filling out lines and wrinkles. I am so excited to try this tonight after cleansing and toning. I find a lot of moisturisers very rich for my skin, and after testing the texture out on my hand, I am super excited to see what it's going to do for my face!

I will do a separate review on all of these after I have tested them properly, to make sure I am giving you guys the best and most honest advice possible! Let me know if you have any questions before then though, i'm always here to help.

Love (a product crazy), Lauren xx

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