Sunday, January 27, 2013

Barry M Pastel Polishes *Test*

Barry M Nail Paints
I have used Barry M polishes for a while, and for the money (£2.99/£3.99 a pot), they are really good! You definitely have to use two coats to achieve a really nice looking mani, but that is the same with many, more expensive brands too. 

I really fancied a pastel punch on my fingers; the snow has cleared, January is nearly over and I definitely am looking straight forward to Spring! Cue pretty hues, ice-cream shades and a pastel overload. I love it.

I bought three new colours, a Mint Green in 304, a Strawberry Ice Cream in 309, and, the star of the show, one of the new Gelly Hi Shine's in Blueberry 301. Barry M polishes normally last an average amount of time without chipping (perhaps a couple of days, depending on what you're doing!). But, I have heard excellent things about the longevity of the Gelly pots, so this mani is almost like a tasty test, to see if the Gelly polish really outlasts the other two 'regular' colours. I will update in a few days!

Barry M Pastel Fingers
The colours all go on nicely, but the Gelly does, even at this early stage appear to be slightly thicker, and a bit shiner, but really... only time will tell. They are available from most good Barry M counters, but definitely from Boots, which is always a good call for all you product-oholics like me.

Pretty Pastel Pop

Either way, I'm loving all of these colours, they are reminiscent of fun, sun and a fresh palette. I will definitely be wearing these a lot this year, I just hope they last! We shall definitely see, here's hoping guys. 

Let me know what you think of Barry M? Good or bad experiences? Favourite colours? Keep me in the loop lovely ladies... :)

Nails and Love, Lauren xx


  1. i can't wait for spring either hahah, i love the look of the pastel pink x

  2. I know, January is definitely not too early to be excited for Spring haha! Yes its lovely, i've been looking for a nice pastel pink for a while, it makes me want an ice cream though.. x

  3. I think Barry M are definitely the best budget buy on the market when it comes to nail polishes. I am keen to try the gelly ones and see if they come up to scratch. I just bought the Bourjois gel polish which I am yet to test!

    beckys makeup

  4. It looks great so far, I'll definitely do an update in a few days to see how they're all getting on :). yeah I completely agree! i've been a huge fan of Barry M for years. Ooh i'm excited about the Bourjois ones too, so i'll definitely check out your post on that, now I'm following you :)

  5. Loving the blue nicer and bright will sure brighten up a grey winter day x

  6. It's definitely brightening up my day so far! I love it :)

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