Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Midas Touch - Gold Nails in Matte

As I have previously said in my blog about my matte and gloss navy nails, I am in full frontal love and lust, with Rimmel's Matte Pro mattifying topcoat, which is a fantastic polish that transforms any Tom, Dick or Harry of nail varnish into a matte beauty. It's like you can double your nail collection, with one special guest polish.

Matte Gold - Ciate and Rimmel
For these quick and easy nails, I used two coats of Ciate's  glitzy gold polish 'Gold Digga 030', and let them safely dry. Afterwards, I applied one quick coat of the Rimmel power potion, and they transformed before my very eyes, into stylish matte wonders. This design brings all the regal authority of gold, yet screams at the ongoing nail trend for texture. It's a lovely contrast, to have a usually sparkling gold, matte out and simple.

Ciate in 'gold digga 030'

I think this works really well, and looks elegant and wearable for any look, I could even say I nailed it...

Super hot contrast of matte and gold

Nails and Love, Lauren xx

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