Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Limited Edition 24 Carat Gold Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers

Shu Uemura Ltd. Ed 24 Carat Gold Eyelash Curler

The 24 Carat Gold version of the fantastic cult classic eyelash curler by Shu Uemura, really are the bee's knees when it comes to eyelashes with serious curl appeal.

These curlers are shaped perfectly, with a grip that allows a beautiful curl, whilst avoiding any pinching incidents.

I was unsure whether to believe the hype to be honest. I had seen them hailed as the best thing in the eyelash curling world, making guest appearances in many 'favourites' posts in the blogosphere, but I did ask myself... how different will they really, really be?

Well, when they received the Midas touch, I just couldn't resist testing them out. Let's call it Science... (also the call of anything Limited Edition is extremely powerful).

And... they are really amazing. My eyelashes have honestly never been so well curled, and with mascara I have truly the best eyelashes of my life. I am not even joking. I didn't and still don't know how or why they are so drastically different to any other curler on the market, but they really are. Others do a reasonable job... but these are really something special, so hands down to Shu Uemura.

If you'r e looking to invest in the Rolls Royce of lash appeal, these are for you!

Lots of Love,

Benefit Coralista

Coralista Blush

Coralista has been one of my favourite blushers for a long time. After just purchasing my second box (yes it definitely lasts a long time), I decided I definitely needed to give it its own review.

Why is this such a brilliant blush? Well... it's the perfect Coral sweep, with gold glints that perfectly enhance the cheekbones and lift an entire look. One brush, and I am off on a Tropical holiday... A full on beach face party.

It's the perfect mix between Peach and Pink; a fresh Coral that lifts your look and your spirits. It is practically impossible to be unhappy when you're wearing Coralista.

I love to sometimes wear this blush over a dot of Benefit's Cha Cha Tint, which boosts the colour and
helps it last even longer.

Coralista on the Skin

For peachy, fresh cheeks.... look no more, Coralista is a dead cert for perfection.

Lots of love and kisses,

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Khroma Joystick Lip Lacquer in Shocking Pink

Joystick in Shocking Pink

I was very intreguied by the Khroma (soon to be 'Kardashian Beauty' I believe), makeup range. The trio of kurvy Kardashian sisters always look picture perfect, (probably something to do with the pretty much 24 hour surveillance the world has on their lives), and I was very interested to see if their own makeup line would be worth the hype.

The Bullet Shape Makes for Simple Application

This is the only product from the line I have invested in so far, but I am definitely not dissapointed. As you may know if you read my blog, I am an avid lip product fan... so this shocking pink 'Joystick' was just crying out for me to test it.

The application is smooth and very pigmented; one coat will give you a brilliant zing of colour, as well as the bullet shape making it easy to 'draw' onto the lips.

It lasts well throughout the day... maybe not so much if you're eating etc. But a decent longevity none-the-less. It's ideal for a pop in the day, or perfect to smooth on after work for those last minute cocktails.

On the Lips

As you can see, on the lips it is a gorgeous, vivid colour and it is neither super glossy or super matte...more of a cream with a luscious sheen.

You can buy this product, (I believe exclusively in the UK at the moment), from Feel Unique HERE.

I highly recommend! I'm definitely going to be making a few other Kardashian purchases... I have my eye on the 24k Prime (a golden face glow in a tube), so watch this space!!

Lots of love,

Monday, July 22, 2013

Cute Chanel Lip Colours

I picked up these trio of indulgent Chanel treats from the Airport when I recently went abroad, and they are so tasty they should be served with double cream and a sprig of mint. Divine.

The first, is an intense colour, longwear matte lipstick, from the; 'Rouge Allure Velvet' range, and is in shade 43 'La Favorite'.

Without Flash

With Flash

As per with Chanel, the aesthetics are simply gorgeous; with a delightful 'pop out' tube finished with classic black and gold trimmings. The colour of the lipstick itself is a lovely Blush Coral. It's more of a pinkier hue, as opposed to an Orange Coral, which is fab for day or night, especially in the summer!

It's easiest applied straight from the bullet, it would be pretty hard with a blush as it's a creamy matte finish. Saying this, straight from the bullet works really well, and it glides on effortlessly. It lasts as well as most lipsticks... perhaps not the world's best staying power when it comes to food and drink, but just with general wear, lasts a good few hours.

It really refreshes and compliments pretty much every skin, hair and eye tone, so if you're feeling a bit indulgent... go grab a bit of Coco for your makeup bag.

On the Lips

Both of the next products are gorgeous intense radiance lipgloss. The first is in the colour 427 'Envolee', which is an Orange Coral that contains a beautiful reflective shimmer; creating an optical illusion of glossy, fuller lips... with a sumptuously seductive sheen.

Once again the packaging is beautiful. Chanel is effortless class and elegance personified, and these glosses are just that little luxury you can carry with you all the time. 

In terms of wear and colour, this gloss is a lot less pigmented than it appears in the tube when applied to the lips on its own, but still gives a gorgeous sexy pout. It would be super hot over an orange or coral lipstick, for a really intense, fiery look.

On the Lips

The last indulgence is another of these gorgeous glosses, this time in 174 'Daydream'. This is a deep Strawberry Red, with gold and blue reflective shimmer, for an uber glossy, teeth-whiteneningly great look.

On the Lips no Flash

On the Lips with Flash

As you can see, this shade is a lot more intense alone on the lips, although would be very luxurious over any red or purple lip shade, and thinking very far ahead...would look amazing for a Christmas party!

So there is my little trio of Chanel beauty, hope you liked!

Lots of Love,