Friday, February 1, 2013

Soap and Glory, The Fab Pore Mask - Review

I bought this mask with a haul last week, because I was in desperate need of something pretty deeply pore refining to add to my skincare routine a few times a week. I initially thought this was a peeling face mask (which I find extremely satisfying to peel off... I'm strange), but it turned out to actually be a sort of leave on and wash off 'clay' type mask.

When I actually got down to reading the box, it said that it contains micro-beads, which you rub into your skin until they are dissolved. You then leave the mask on for a quick 5 minute cleanse, or a 15 minute deep treatment... the choice is yours.

I have been using this mask for just over a week now, so around 4 times, some for longer than others.  After a 15 minute cleanse, when this is washed off, my skin does feel amazingly smooth. Not only that, but my pores actually look smaller, and the whole surface of my skin feels and looks a bit more 'velvety', in a good way. I didn't notice as drastic an improvement in my skin if I left it on for a shorter amount of time; it felt cleansed but not as deeply refined.

As you can see, i've applied the mask a few times, and to be honest I couldn't be happier with the results. Having not known too much about this mask before I bought it, I am happy I did. I am definitely going to keep including this in my skincare regime for the foreseeable future!

Another thing I really liked about this product, is the smell. I love Soap and Glory products, but sometimes they can really smell quite sweet and almost overpowering, which is fine for say... a hand cream, but when facial care is concerned, I am that bit more demanding. This smells fresh, and clean, almost relaxing even. I know that's not a scent you can put your finger on, but it smells comforting and cleansing, without being too cute or too clinical.

What are your favourite skincare masks? Do you have a great peel-away one you could recommend?

Love, Lauren xx


  1. Going to give this a try soon now x

    1. I definitely recommend it :), my skin genuinely feels so soft and smooth after! xx

  2. I have this its amazing! I have oily skin and this masks makes it look healthier its a good weekly face detox mask ha ha I think! Good for the price as it lasts a while x

    1. Yes! I totally agree, and as a fellow oily skinned girl, I really think it works for me too! My skin is left cleansed and soft, and any excess oil is removed without being stripped and too dry! I'm glad you agree :)

      Lauren xx