Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Perfect by Name, Perfect by Nature

Going to a salon to get a beauty treatment, is lovely. You relax, revive and revamp yourself, often feeling like a new woman with a glossier mane or a shiny new mani, however leaving can be a whole new ball game. Rain. Rush hour. Remorse. We've all been there, the sudden shower spotting our fresh new spray tan, the wind whipping our smooth locks into a Bridget Jones-esque poodle do. Not fun. 

The idea of Perfect10 is to provide a salon quality service to the London area, within your home. A stress-free, professional treatment, whilst you sit in your pyjamas sipping a cup of tea, if you fancy. The concept is mind-blowingly fantastic...but does the idea live up to the results? Yes, yes it does ladies, and how.

When I was invited to try the services of Perfect10 London, an ingenious creation by the super mind that is Claire Aggarwal, I couldn't have been more excited. The gorgeous Lauren from the Perfect10 team, arrived promptly with her kit at hand, for my chosen treatment - a Shellac manicure. We sat down at the kitchen bar, and she set up her kit, including a mouth watering array of Shellac polishes, yum. 

A Shellac Rainbow - Big Decisions
I picked a gorgeous coral, the sun was shining in the city, and I could almost smell Summer round the corner, (ambitious maybe, but if it rains, I'll have a little sunshine on my fingers...).

Lauren got to work and professionally applied the Shellac treatment, buffing and shaping my nails into a gorgeous set of sunset-coloured digits, I couldn't have been happier. The nails are dry from the last time you take them out of the light machine, and last until you think they are grown out. No chipping, no smudging, and beautiful nails for weeks. Oh yes. Perfect10 will even remove them for you, free of charge, with your next manicure. Fantastic.

Perfect Quality, Right at Home

A Happy Camper
The Perfect10 of Salon Treatments

The Finished Mani - Heavenly
Coral Perfection

Perfect10 do a whole range of treatments, including Elemental facials, Massages and Sienna X spray tans. Big event? Pamper and prepare yourself at home without the worry of the elements or putting your clothes on after a spray tan, just go to bed gorgeous! They even do special parties and hen nights, perfect for a girly get-together with a bottle of fizz and some seriously magic manis. 

I for one, cannot wait to try out a whole range of treatments from Perfect10, it's gorgeousness at home and I'm in love. Truly Perfect.

Love Lauren xx

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