Thursday, December 27, 2012

China Glaze Polish Review

I'd never tried this brand before I was kindly given some bottles this Christmas - I had no idea what to expect!

They are amazing, the two polishes I used on this mani - winter holly and champagne kisses, from the outside look like they could be a 'watery' sort of glitter, but from the first stroke, you realise that this thick, multi dimensional polish, is anything but. One coat is all you need for a quick 'out-of-the-door' job, but two is glistening diamond perfection!!

I think I have a new crush... China Glaze is amaze. (sorry).

Champagne Kisses, is PERFECT for New Years, the kind of glitter you want to emanate from you as a person, like a party seal of approval for your nails!

Let me know what you think,

Love Lauren xx

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Subtle Seasonal Nails

This is for the Nail lover who wants a subtle seasonal nail, that's still eye catching and festive, but perhaps not as much glitter mad as my last post...

I used models own polishes for this in; scarlet sparkle and pinky brown beetle juice.

Prepare your nails and apply two coats of PBBJ. Allow to dry thoroughly, and then there's the sexy creative bit... Apply some of the SS to the very tips of your nails and blend down the nail to just over halfway, thinning the polish as you go down.

This leaves you with a lovely ombré effect, sparkling but subtle enough for your day to day festive endeavours! Enjoy!!

Merry Nailmas one and all,

Love Lauren xx

Sparkling Seasonal Nails

This is when you just need to use all your creativity and go bauble mad. Think glitter, shimmer, pearls and colour.

There is no limit on colour combos or creativity! Really its all about layering, using anything you fancy!

I used ciaté caviar nails and layered with some models own glitter varnishes, sided with some ciaté velvet nails, with blobs of glitter for a snow and snowflake effect.

You can even make your own Christmas characters using a cocktail stick and a steady hand.

My nails are just there for inspiration, they're so easy and fun, a great way to shimmer on into Christmas!!

Merry Nailmas ;)

Love Lauren xx

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vampy Christmas Nails UPDATE

If you followed my Vampy Christmas Nails post below, you'll have fabulously dark seasonal nails right now.

Want to make them darker..?! Of course you do. Take a nail art pen (I used Model's Own and WAH in black), and fill in the crescents at the bottom of your nail. It not only looks aesthetically HOT, but it's like a cheeky optical illusion, making your talons appear longer and sexier! You're welcome..

Love, Lauren xx

Monday, December 10, 2012

Vampy Christmas Nails

First point- if like me your nails are prone to breakage, use Sally Hansen's growth polish. It really works. They grow something like 30% extra in a few days and there is pretty much no breaking.

Next step - grow. It may take time but be patient, grow your nails as long as you dare (practical or not...). In the mean time, use your Sally Hansen and eat a lot of fruit and veg!

Once (finally), your nails are at the desired length, file them into points. Again the severity of your sharpness is down to personal taste, so don't be shy to go full on rihanna, or just a mild peak for everyday wear.

Paint your nails with your desired colour. I picked a vampy purple/red by Ciaté, as it's high gloss finish adds to the seasonal neo-goth feel about the finish. But be experimental, tis' the season to be jolly afterall.

Enjoy! They are a wonderful accessory, and if your take care of them, there's no reason they won't last as your pointy friends for a long time!!

Love, Lauren xx

Monday, December 3, 2012

Blue Ciaté Velvet Nails Review

As I've previously posted a fair few items about ciaté nails, how tos etc, I thought it would be fun to do an actual product review of this stunning midnight blue velvet set.

You apply it normally; 1st coat which you leave to dry and then second coat nail by nail, which you tap the velvet powder out onto. Then using the mini brush provided, excess is swept into the little tray provided, and popped nice and easily back into the pot. Done :).

In terms of quality, this product looks fantastic, either for evening glamour or daytime sass. Water does slightly effect the velvetyness (def a word), but the texture isn't completely compromised so don't be afraid to shower..(please!), as it still looks fab after. This manicure lasts a substantial amount of time, without chipping and looking really really professional! I give it a 10 because honestly I can't fault it. It's one of my all time faves ever ever!

Christmas party up your nails with this textured treat and try for yourself. Promise you won't regret it!

Merry Nailmass beauties,

Love Lauren xx