Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Date Night Look 2; 50's Glam

This is the second look of my Valentine's Date night duo, once again it's just for inspiration and ideas, so it's not a step by step tutorial. The marvellous model in this post, is my other sister Jessica. Grace and Jess are actually (un-identical) twins, which is great for trying out new looks on willing participants... Grace's post on Vampy Chic can be found here

This look is loosely based on a super glam 1950's look, with a statement red lip, and more subtle eyes, teamed with silky, wavy tresses.

As you can see Jess teamed the hair and make-up with a sultry mid length dress, that clings in all the right places. Kim Kardashian who...? It is available from Topshop... juicy is the only word. I think i'm going to officially call her Jessica Rabbit from now on.

I have previously done a post about Jessica's magnificent mane, and all the tricks and tips that she uses to keep it so long and lustrous, if you want to find out how, check it out here. 

I did her eyes using only shadow and no liner, because I wanted them to be really shimmery and romantic, with soft lines. She has really big bambi eyes anyway, so enlarging them isn't hard, it's more about the definition and style.

I used Model Co. Fibre Lashes, as my main form of definition. The shock of black is smokey enough to define the eyes without drawing on a harsh line, which is more suited to Grace's 'Vampy' look.

I once again used the Naked palette (my fave), for this look. I simply took a primer, which I swept over the lids, followed by a light shimmery colour. I took this all the way up to the brow bone and tear ducts.

 I then created subtle definition by lining the lashline with a darker shadow, and taking it up into the crease and then blending. You can repeat this steps for a more dimensional look. Just remember to keep blending!

For the skin, I really wanted a dewy, fresh glow, so I used the bareMinerals Prime Time brightening primer, followed by the WOW Oxygen Foundation by benefit. I needed a light coverage, because anything too heavy would stop this look being effortless and sultry, yet young. I used Benefit's Sunbeam to highlight the brow-bone and cheeks, and dotted specks around the lips, to give extra 'kiss me' oomph.

I used Benetint by Benefit on the lips and cheeks to create a fresh flush of pinky colour, and I filled in the brows, with a light shadow to exaggerate the big-eyed look. I concealed any blemishes or dark circles using the Nars concealer duo in Custard and Ginger.

I contoured the cheeks, temples and around the chin using Nars Bronze in Laguna, with gives the look a healthy glow, without being too tan-fastic. This really give the shape of the face definition and helps to balance out and structure the features, for a polished and professional finish.

I popped a bit of Coralista, also by Benefit, on the cheeks, for a cheeky (sorry) pop of colour over the top of the bronzer, and a dusting of Fake Bakes Highlighting Palette, to give the cheekbones one last stroke of reflective gorgeousness.

The Finished Look 

I used Topshop's heavenly 'beguiled' lipstick, which is a phenomenal 'wine' red colour, which suits pretty much any complexion, and as you can see, it isn't too red for a blonde look too. It really lights up Jess' face, and sets off the rest of the look beautifully, perfect for an evening out with your Valentine. (Or cocktails, your call... ;).

The Dress (Bootilicious)

The Products

I just love 50's makeup and style, let me know what you think! Also how amazing is Jessica's Beyonce bottom? More than jealous, how did that even happen...

I hope you enjoyed this look, 

50's Love, Lauren xx