Sunday, February 3, 2013

O.P.I Gloss n' Go - Review

I love doing my nails, but I absolutely HATE waiting for them to dry. Either I forget, and disaster strikes... i'm too cocky and think I can use my hands whilst sporting a fresh mani, or the minute i've painted them the doorbell rings or I need the loo. Literally, every time there is at least one nail which suffers some form of minor infraction, and it is quite possibly the most irritating thing in the world.

So, when I spied O.P.I's Gloss n' Go kit on Asos for only £13.45, I had to try it for myself. This kit contains the wonderful O.P.I  Drip Dry, which is a solution you simply pipette onto wet nails, that touch dries them within a minute and fully dries them within five! Hello.. Not only that but you get a cult classic, the awesome O.P.I glossy top coat, absolutely free. This makes your nails hard as....well, nails (sorry), and gives them a super hi-shine glossy finish. 

Drip Dry Drops

Top Coat

What I did was use an undercoat (O.P.I's Nail Envy - review to follow very soon), then two coats of my polish, followed by the Top Coat and finished with a drop via pipette of the Drip Dry. The nails did definitely dry a LOT faster than normal, and were definitely 'useable' after 5 or so minutes, which is amazing considering the layers of polish underneath. I think i'm growing a product crush (help me...) on O.P.I. This could be dangerous....

What do you all think of O.P.I? Any favourite colours you can't live without..?

Nails and Love, Lauren xx


  1. I love opi! I swear by nail envy! X

    1. I've just started using it, so good so far! I shall pop up a review soon :) xx

  2. I need this in my life: I have EXACTLY the same cocky wet nails problem. These reviews are pure gold!

    1. Thank you gorgeous! It's amazing, I love it. I'm such an idiot normally with manicures. Impatient is the word...haha