Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Urban Decay Eye Shadows *REVIEW*

I have done a new Vlog, reviewing all my Urban Decay Palettes, as I said in the video, as of hopefully next week, I will actually do some tutorials, but until then I thought it would be fun to review some of my favourite products!

The differences between the Naked and Naked2 palettes are pretty minimal (you'll probably be tempted with both though....), the main basis being wearable, neutral tones than can transcend from day to night, including both matte and shimmer shadows.



As you can see, the colour palettes are very very similar. For me, there was however, enough difference to justify buying both. If you can't make up your mind, I really suggest going into your nearest stockist and having a look and a play around with the colours in each, because it really depends on how you like to wear your eyes, and what colours suit you best. I can happy say that both are AMAZING, so you'll be overjoyed with whichever you pick! Prom.

The new Naked Basics palette is perfect for testing out the beautiful quality of the Urban Decay shadows, with 6 fully matte wearable day/night shades. The fantastic thing about this palette, is it is really buildable and you can definitely develop a fantastic smokey eye or combination of colours, from this 6. Easy to pop in your handbag, and easy to wear, what's not to love?

Naked Basics

The two more colourful UD palette loves of mine are this little black handbag sized one and the Book of Shadows:
Old Palette - Similar to 'Ammo'

Book of Shadows

Unfortunately I cannot find the first palette anywhere, and as I have had it for so many years, I have completely forgotten the name! It is very similar to the Ammo palette though, so if you're looking for a small selection of spicy shimmers, that is where to go.

The Book of Shadows box, is a theatrical masterpiece, with a pop-up lid with a large mirror and a secretive drawer for all the naughty little shadows. The colour range is fantastic and you can mix and match to create any kind of eye you want, from a smokey green to blue, to a shimmery gold/purple. Magic in a box! But definitely not one to carry around in your handbag...

Lastly, I have both the shimmery and matte primers by Urban Decay, they provide longevity to all shadows, prevent any creasing and my favourite feature - they add extra oomph to the colour pigments, making your eyes go from hot to SUPER hot, in the flick of a wand.

Urban Decary are wizards of colour, quality and sheer performance,

Let me know how you rock your shadows,

Love Lauren xx


  1. Looks like Naked 2 has darker tones, maybe more evening do you think? I think the palettes look lush though just need to invest!

    1. Yes you definitely should, I literally use some form of Urban Decay shadow literally everyday! I think perhaps naked2 is a bit more glam/evening but there are definitely loads of wearable day tones too! They really are lush as anything

    2. And out of interest, are the shades from the Basics palette in either of the other 2 bigger ones?

    3. Yep there are some, but some are totally new and exclusive to the basics palette itself. In Naked2 there is a shade called 'foxy' which is in basics, none are actually in the original naked palette. There are a couple of shades similar to the shades in naked2 in basics, but the rest seem to be exclusive to the basics palette. Both naked and naked2 only have 2 matte colours in each. Hope this helps :)

    4. Thank you!!