Thursday, May 30, 2013

Topshop's NEW Screen Siren and The Damned Lipsticks

These are two new shades from the amazing Topshop lipstick collection. I absolutely love Topshop lipsticks, in fact I did one of my very first YouTube videos all about Topshop make-up, so if you are yet to try any, check it out here:

Anyway, back to the lipsticks... I chose Screen Siren and The Damned, because although I have a few similar colours to both (ahem..), I still think the subtle differences in a lip colour can really bring that added oomph to any outfit.

Screen Siren

As you can see, Screen Siren is a beautiful, (and as the name suggests), Hollywood shade. It's the eye-catching, head-turning Marylin Monroe colour, that just pops with a 50's eye. It's like romance written on your lips, with tales of old Silver Screen glamour. See... not all reds are the same.

Screen Siren on my Lips

It looks beautiful on, and as with all Topshop lipsticks, it is a creamy finish, not too matte and not too glossy. Just right.

The Damned

I am obsessed with a Purple lip at the moment. It is just such a fresh way to add glamour to a Summer outfit, especially if you don't fancy a classic Red or a tropical Coral. I realised when looking through my colours, that most of my Purples probably fall into more of the 'Plum' category, which can definitely be worn on a Summer evening, but are definitely my Autumn/Winter staple. This is just a couple of shades brighter, and marries perfectly with a tan, lighting up your face and whitening your teeth. Well i'll be damned.. (I am so sorry...). 

I did pick up a gold/lilac colour from the No7 range at Boots lately, which is absolutely fantastic too! Check it out here to see it on:

The Damned on my Lips

The colour looks a little glossier here than it actually is in person. The finish is a lot more akin to the one of the Screen Siren (above); a lovely middle of the road matte-ish creamy finish. Not to mention a brilliant long lasting formula!

I can't wait to show these off this Summer, (rain or shine...)

Lots of Love,


  1. those are really pretty colors :D

  2. Lovely shades and the finish is nice. I haven't tried any Topshop makeup yet but The Damned is tempting. :)

  3. Great post, I love both of these colours!
    How amazing is the Topshop lipsticks! I've just done a post about my new lipstick in shade Rio Rio

    Charlotte xx