Friday, May 10, 2013

Body Shop Summer Haul

Body Shop Beauty Buys

It's no secret that I love the Body Shop, and I love Summer. So combine the two and there's a match made in body beautifying heaven.

I picked up a few items that I absolutely love, especially at this time of year... when the Sun is making it's annual appearance in Great Britain. First, a couple of (surprise, surprise) Coconut scented items, being the new Eau de Toilette and my true love, the Coconut Milk body spray. 

These are both gorgeous, and so so reminiscent for me, of balmy Summer evenings, and beachy days in the heat, with wave tangled hair, and soft sand-caressed skin. Perfection.

The other bits n' bobs I grabbed, are all under the buff-your-body umbrella. First, a couple of body scrubs. I have used these for years (the Shea is AMAZING in Winter, as it's super moisturising), but I chose the new Brazil Nut (smells like a dream) and the to-die-for Chocomania. I want/need to eat it, it smells incredible and not at all too sickly or sweet.

I've been really into buffing and brushing my 'wobblier' areas (my bum) lately, in foresight of the bikini season (post/vlogs coming soon!!), and I got this round brush to help really go to town with my dry brushing ritual. Spikey but amazing. I also picked up a foot file, to smooth down any rough Winter skin, ready for the foot bearing season, there's no point in having the most beautiful polish on your toes, if you have foot skin rougher than a hedgehog's...back.

Scrub Perfection

New Brazil Nut Cream Body Scrub

Body Brush - Perfect Handle

Bristles Ahoy

Coconut Body Milk

Chocomania Sugar Body Scrub (try not to eat....)

Coconut Eau De Toilette


Let me know your Body Shop beauty must-haves, and fingers crossed for a sunny summer. (Seriously sun.... do not mess us around again.)

Lots of Love,


  1. Lovely post! Have followed your blog :) (I've got the new coconut body spray, yum)

    Here's a link to mines: Beauty and the Bargain

  2. Hmm you will smell good enough to eat lol x love body shop products

  3. Looks like you got some great stuff! x

  4. Great haul! the scrubs look great.

    jess xx