Wednesday, February 5, 2014

NEW| Benefit lolli tint

lolli tint

This new cheek/lip stain by Benefit is so so gorgeous. It's a sweet pastel purple treat, that is super on-trend and really flattering. Last summer I became obsessed with RiRi Boy (from Rihanna's collab with MAC), which was a matte lilac lipstick, that just looks stunning on. This colour totally reminds me of that. It's a beautiful violet hue, that warms up the cheeks and lips, without being too purple and gets me mega excited for spring.

It's sort of like a colour you could imagine a Cadbury's Mini Egg being (oh god, now I want some chocolate…), fresh, cute and…well, just delicious.

It also lasts, and then lasts some more. I strongly advise blending straight after application, or you could easily end up with some very funky looking lilac tribal-esque stripes on your face. Cool, but perhaps not the desired effect.

The Bottle

As with all the other Benefit tints, the packaging is as divine as the product. It is perfect to compliment a powder blush when applied beforehand, and the same with a shade of lip colour, for extra oomph and longevity.

On the Skin


As you can see its a beautiful sweet treat of a colour, and I personally know I will be rocking this all the way to 2015 and beyond. It costs £24.50 and you can pick yourself up one from here.

Lots of Love,

(call me lolli) x


  1. I love this cute shade! I don't think I have a shade like this for my cheeks/lips ^^

  2. This looks lovely! You've made me want mini eggs now haha!

    Hannah Heartss xxx