Monday, February 17, 2014

NEW| MAC 318 Retractable Lip Brush



So, we all know that achieving a perfect pout generally involves some kind of precision application. I must admit I am often a bullet to lip kind of girl a lot of the time, but for those flawless Marilyn moments, a lip brush is key.

Enter the 318 brush by MAC. It has a perfectly firm tip, which allows the perfect amount of product to be applied to the lip, and is thin and controlled enough for it to look seriously sleek and perfect. The best news though… this little life-saver is portable. I'm talking lip perfection in your pocket (or handbag), at all times. Why thank you MAC, thank you indeed.

Because of the clever retractable action, it is so quick and easy to use and then put away, no fuss over losing a lid, or covering the inside of your best clutch with a hefty application of Russian Red. (It's the town that's supposed to be painted Red, not your handbag essentials after all).

Next time you want to do a sleek set o'lips, look no further than the 318. Pick up yours here.

Lots of Love,

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