Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rimmel Trilogy Pt.2| Wake Me Up Concealer in Classic Beige

Wake Me Up Concealer in Classic Beige


If you saw yesterday's post, (you can find that here), you will know that I am doing a Rimmel Trilogy, which is basically three products from the Wake Me Up range, that I have bought and been loving lately.

Today's is the concealer in Classic Beige. This blends seamlessly with the shade of foundation I reviewed yesterday (Soft Beige). It leaves you blemish free, without any tell tale white marks under your eyes, or crusty orange blips scattered around your face. It hides shadows and spots alike, (really well), and has a brilliant creamy and easy to blend consistency.

On the Skin


I love this colour, it is a perfect match with my skin tone (always a little bit tan..year in and out), and I truly love, love LOVE, how it doesn't obviously indicate you have any product on, just that you mysteriously and amazingly look fresh and fabulous. I'll take two. (Literally I have another shade to show you tomorrow… so hang on for that!). Pick yours up from any Rimmel counter for £5.49, or get it here.

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