Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review| Alphah-H Liquid Gold

Alphah-H's liquid gold with glycolic acid, is designed to resurface and firm your skin. It helps with many skin complaints, from marks to lines and having tested this product myself around 5 times (on alternative nights), I can conclusively see a difference in my appearance.

The glycolic acid, when mixed with the natural liquorice root, found in this product, helps to stimulate the production of collagen, whilst getting to work on signs of ageing and blemishes.

It tingles. My, how it tingles. I didn't know what I expected when I applied it, but the satisfying tingle when I applied all over my face with a cotton pad, was a pleasant surprise. After it is touch dry, you can apply your regular serums or moisturisers, or just leave it as is. I have alternated doing each when I use it (no more than every other day), and my skin is glowing!

I just look more radiant. Despite the rain, wind and general arctic conditions at the moment, my skin looks fresh and dewy, with a noticeable glow. No wonder this is quickly becoming a cult product!

This liquid gold can provide anyone with the Midas touch of skincare. Wahoo.

Lots of Love,

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