Sunday, February 9, 2014

REVIEW| Maybelline Master Duo Liquid Liner

Master Duo Liquid Liner

The true beauty of this product, is that it works in two ways. I just love something that shakes things up a bit, a what's better than a liner with two functions? Not damn much I can tell you. With the twist of the nib, you can go from thick to thin lines in an instant. Perfect for the lash line and then ending with a pointy cat-eye flick. Meow Maybelline.

The Nib In All Its Glory

Thick and Thin Lines at the Twist of a Nib

As you can see it has a slight fan at the end of the brush, which allows for the accurate lining, and precision shaping. A big feline flick kinda gal myself, I can conclusively say this works a treat. Plus, it lasts for tiiiiiime. Literally, you will need a good eye make-up remover with this one, but you don't have to scrub, it's just not a mover until it's told to go.

This is the Jet Black colour, and I love it. I find it so easy for a simple look in the day, or to create a fabulous line in the evening. If you've been hunting for a new liner… this may just be your lucky day.

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