Friday, February 14, 2014

NEW| YSL Youth Liberator Foundation in BD50

YSL Youth Liberator in BD50

HOW have I not reviewed this before?!… This is one of my favourite products, something that makes me feel instantly great if I want my skin to look amazing and generally an infallible pick-me-up. I tend to not wear liquid foundation much during the day any more, but if I had a special event, this would be the one I would go to.

Why? Well, i'll tell you. It's got extremely good coverage, but because of the addition of the serum in its ingredients, it is terrifically light and blend-able, whilst giving you that lust-after glow that all us beauty girls want to buy in buckets. I actually came back after a dinner the other night and was amazed, despite rain, wind (and a couple of cocktails), my skin looked totally infallible and dewy.

I highly recommend this product, if you are looking for a new foundation that will give you a confidence-boosting amount of coverage, whilst being light enough that you can't feel it on your skin - then this is it, the one. True Love.

On the Skin

Blended (Just Applied)

The colour BD50 which I use, is more of a 'Yellow' toned hue, as I have a slight olive undertone on my skin. It really is a perfect match, and the pictures above can give you a bit of an idea what it looks like on the skin. The 'blended' picture was taken just after it had been applied and looks a wee bit shiny, but I can assure you, it dries a lot smoother and more matte, whilst retaining a gorgeous, dewy glow.

Also it smells fab. Um, I could probably rave about this for another 300 years, but I will just stop now and let you take my word for it. I definitely recommend going to your local YSL beauty counter and having a play around at shades, until you find your perfect match too!

Have you tried this before? What did you think?!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY... (my 'Love Yourself' video can be found here)!!

Lots of Love,

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