Wednesday, February 19, 2014

NEW| Bliss Love Handler

Bliss Love Handler

So. The combination of Christmas, and then a fresh New Year health kick… (which may or may not have been successful), all cry out for a little pick me up. A little cheat treat. Bliss Love Handler, could be your top pick.

Designed to be applied twice a day to unruly abs (or anywhere that you want firming up a notch), it is supposed to suck you in without surgery or infinite crunches. Obviously don't expect miracles, it is a lotion… not Dynamo. 

I applied this day and night for a while, and I must say, I definitely noticed a slight reduction of my stomach, but it obviously works best if you eat well and exercise, so it could just enhance results already achieved by hard work.

I do recommend it, I think if you are trying to tone up, this will give you just the right amount of confidence to carry on with the crunches, ready for bikini weather.

Lots of Love,

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