Tuesday, August 5, 2014

By Terry Sheer-Expert in Honey Biege (09)

When it comes to Summer skin, I am all about the lightest tint of colour. Gone are the wintery days of full coverage, and in comes the dewy glow with just a hint of colour. This By Terry Sheer Expert foundation is the perfect long-lasting tonic for Summer-ready skin. It literally lasts all night. Now, I never ever sleep in makeup but I recently had to make a once-in-a-lifetime exception and this baby didn't budge… i woke up feeling like a 'natural' Kardashian, or dare I say it… Beyonce. Cough *flawless* cough. (Sorry).

I want for Honey Beige (09) which is a lovely colour for my summer skin; fresh and a tad tan, but there are oodles of shades to chose from, so i'm pretty damn sure you can find your perfect match too!

On the Skin

Blended in

As you can see this little guy is a true blending genius, and the best bit (aside from longevity, dewy coverage yada yada…), is such a little goes a seriously long way. So it may be on the slightly pricier side at £45…but it it's a pretty good investment.

You can check it out or grab one yourself from here!

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