Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Conceal It: The Retoucher by Charlotte Tilbury

Another Charlotte Tilbury genius product, this concealer is one of my latest buys from her line, and like everything else - believe the hype… this stuff is gooood. As will her other skin based product, this isn't dense or sticky, and applies with absolute ease. I use it around the eyes primarily, and a little on minor blemishes, but it isn't the most pigmented and doesn't have the most intense coverage I've seen either.

I dont necessarily think this is a bad thing, it works to lift under eye shadows and just freshen and pick up duller areas of your face, and luckily at the moment my skin in behaving (touch wood), so that's really all I need, and I am loving using this product. An absolute pleasure Ms Tilbury. There is no cakey-ness in sight, and it lasts a perfect amount of time, so much so that I am pleasantly surprised with the fresh appearance of my face - even after the most horrific of rush hour bus journeys, and that can't be bad.

On the Skin


The shade I chose was Medium 3 (the third darkest out of a possible four shades), but it's still not super light, so I recommend using her advice on which to get depending on the shade of her foundation you use…or even better pop into Selfridges and ask one of the professionals at her counter!

If you want to buy online you can grab one here, happy shopping!

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  1. I love the look of this, definitely might give it a go!