Monday, March 4, 2013

O.P.I Expert Touch Lacquer Remover - Review

Lacquer Remover

This Lacquer remover, by O.P.I is designed to be supremely effective, even to the point of comfortably handling the arduous task of glitter polish removal, whilst moisturising and protecting the nails. A heavy claim. But does it work?

I wanted it to, so badly, and thank goodness my prayers were answered. I had popped on a manicure the other day, which not only had a few layers of polish, but the topcoat included the pretty yet devilish glitter lacquer - link, so I was hoping for a quick cheat removal.

Before Shot - Glitter Mad

Like any other remover, I popped some on a cotton pad and pressed onto my nails. Obviously the polish didn't just glide off in a matter of seconds, but there was definitely a notable difference in the amount of scrubbing and huffing and puffing, normally associated with this kind of a job. It definitely cut down the difficulty of glitter elimination, yet as claimed, my nails were moisturised and not at all dried out, post use.

I love this product, although perhaps a little more expensive than I would usually choose, for a polish remover, the ability to remove tough glitter is just an absolute winner for me. At around £6 for 120ml, it is a fairly small bottle, but happily I hardly used any for all 10 fingers, which is truly amazing. 

I wont be using this for everyday polish removal, just because others at around £2 do the job just fine, but I think it is now a nail kit essential, when it comes to removing tough polishes. An emergency product if I have ever met one!

You gotta love O.P.I!

Love Lauren xx


  1. Definitely going to have to invest in this! Where can you get it from?? xx

  2. Going to have this a go now! x

  3. Please can you tell me how to look after my nails? I have very dry and peeling nails... It would be a great help :p thanks x

    1. Sure, I will definitely do a post soon :)

      Lauren xx