Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maybelline 24Hr Gel Liner in Violet

Violet Vision

I have previously raved about the Maybelline 24hr Gel liners, in more traditional blacks and browns - link, but I couldn't resist picking up this pot of purple perfection too. It's a beautiful deep violet hue, which makes a change if you fancy mixing it up a bit.

Little Pot and Handy Applicator

Purple on Skin

 All of these gels glide on brilliantly, and come in a glass pot with a nifty little brush, which is actually a decent applicator. I would definitely advise cleaning or at least wiping the liner brush after each application, as it can get hard with build up fast, but apart from that the product works like a dream, and I'm talking quality, longevity and pigmentation. Fantastic stuff.

Love Lauren xx


  1. that is a gorgeous colour!x

  2. That looks amazing! I love the colour!

    Amy xo

    1. It's so lovely to wear as well :)

      Lauren xx