Monday, March 25, 2013

M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid in C4.5

I popped into the M.A.C counter at the Bullring a few days ago, with the aim to be matched with my perfect summer shade. Ironically it is now colder and more snowy than it was at Christmas here in the UK, but hey, it's never too chilly to tan!

So, after being matched and matched again, my perfect summer shade appeared to be the Studio Fix Fluid in C4.5. There are so many types of foundation available at M.A.C, let alone shades, so getting them properly matched to your skin is a real must.

I have more olive (yellow) based skin, and despite the fact the foundation looks pretty dark in the bottle, it blends seamlessly with my skin, post a good Xen Tan application. For winter, or less tanned days, i'm definitely going to be purchasing the C3.5 too!

The great thing about the Studio Fix, is the lack of oil. It is still creamy and dewy, but it doesn't sit on my skin like a layer of tanning oil, like oil-based liquid foundations. If you have drier skin, there are definitely plenty of much more hydrating options available, but for my oily/combo face - this is the dream.

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What do you guys think to MAC foundations? Which is your favourite?


  1. I'd love to treat myself to a good quality foundation like mac and after seeing on your skin looks flawless! Think I'll do what you did get colour matched and treat myself x

    1. Yes, i definitely recommend doing that as there are so many shades, but once you find your perfect one - they are just perfect!