Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lip Edit|| Moisture Renew Lipstick in Coral Britannia

630 Coral Britannia

On the Lip

This is such a gorgeous lipstick. I got this, not really expecting much to be honest; there are so many standard coral lip colours out there, normally with a tendency to pull at the lip or fade, or be too pink…the list goes on. Plus this is by Rimmel, which in all fairness have a great track record when it comes to lip products, but I still didn't expect something amazing from a drugstore lippy.

Oh Lauren how wrong you were. This is such a creamy, full bodied lipstick. It applies easily on the lips, and instantly gives you a high impact colour with a creamy finish. Not only that but the fabulousness is enhanced 20 fold by the subtle gold glimmer hidden in the pigment. This gives you such an easy, beautiful summer lip without much time, effort or money. Dreamy.

If you fancy trying this yourself… you can pick one up from here for £6.49!

Lots of Love,

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