Monday, April 7, 2014

Blue Hair Day

I bought a collection of Bleach Londons innovative new hair colours, non-permanent colour that lasts between 2-10 washes.

Whether it was the rainy weather, I'm not sure... But I decided to go blue. I used the Out of the Blue dye on my roots and around the centre of my hair, and Blullini under my hair, where I have lots of highlights, so hoped for a lighter colour.

For £5 a bottle and with no developer fluid or messing around with pouring and shaking like most dyes, I didn't really know what to expect...



As you can see, the dye clung really well to my hair, it's a bit patchy but that's down to me and my lack of mad dying skillz, it actually isn't noticeable in person. Plus I love the 90s Grunge feel this look gives. I ADORE all the different tones and colours, I am so excited to try more! 

I absolutely love this colour! And having washed it since then, it has blended even more but the colour is still very much intact and mermaid-tastic.

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Which colour do you think I should go next? I am a newly formed Bleach London watch this space,

Love Lauren xx

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