Friday, January 17, 2014

NEW| Apocalips Shades

These area four of the newest colours from the Rimmel Apocalips range. I have been a big fan of this highly pigmented glosses since their release, and I was super excited when I realised there were a few shades I hadn't tried. The four I have are; Eclipse (deep red), Auroura (pink/coral red), Out of this World (sparkly pink) and Shooting Star (nude).

The application and consistency is exactly the same as the initial batch (for my review on those see here and here…), and these babies are just as lust-worthy as their slightly older sisters.

Shooting Star


Out of this World


As you can see, they are all seriously glossy and rich in colour. They are just so beautiful to apply and wear, finding these has definitely reminded me of my long-time love for these glosses. They are so wearable, non-sticky and relatively long-lasting. 

Euston we have lips off (ah sorry…),

Lots of Love,