Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lipojen Lip Plumper

Lipojen Pacakaging

Colour 08

I absolutely cannot resist a lip plumper. Who doesn't want lips a la Miss. Jolie? Answer: No one. Big, full lips are so sought after (namely by myself), and with the cost and potential risks of surgery or fillers, something that you can use on the go is always an intriguing proposition.

Enter: Liopjen. It claims to not only increase Lip volume, but to reduce Lip wrinkles and improve the contour of the Lip too. Not only that but it is a moisturising, gloss infused treatment, with built in UVB filters, so keeps your smackers sun safe. Nice. And very very wow. 

The big plump, if you will, is achieved by some revolutionary technology in the form of a natural tripeptide, 'Palmytiol-Gly His-Lys'. Quite the mouthful…literally. But does it work, actually, really…truly?

Um yah. Im sitting here now and since application have had tingly, glossy and super huge lips. Not quite, punch-in-the-face, fat-lip (trout pout) situation, but a lovely plump, fullness which is so so what I want my lips to look like on their own. 

Gloss and wand

You apply in the same way as most other gloss, no tricks. Just glide on, and before you have time to say 'kiss me', your lips are in full, glossy (and very tingly) heaven.

On the Lip

As you can see, its such a gorgeous sheen too, not sticky or gooey, just fresh and shiny. The size of my lips in this doesn't even do them justice, I feel like I want to wink as passers by, but I shall refrain. Oh the power of luscious lips. This colour is a beautiful Pink/Red (08) and there are a few other options, (clear, tan, pink etc), so you can pick a shade to suit you! They aren't cheap. At around £60 its definitely an investment lip product… but if you were considering fillers, it's a lot cheaper and definitely something to consider for those special 'must look A-mazing events'. You can pick them up from here.

Oohh i'm still so tingly, how lovely.

Lots of Luscious Lippy Love,