Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lauren Conrad; Beauty and Style

 I have been a fan of Lauren Conrad since the Hills days. Her effortless, dressed down Cali look is always subtly perfect, and her simple, yet beautiful make-up choices always wow.

So, when I saw her Style book, I was totally fascinated by her advice for outfit choices; day, night, work...etc. But best of all were the chapters on hair and make-up. It's like a masterclass in creating her favourite looks yourself, from a red lipped evening face, to a sleek up-do.

Fantastically a year or two ago, she realised a book entitled 'Beauty', which, you guessed it - is focused just on her beauty tips and tricks. Not only does she talk about what works best for her, but she includes advice for different skin types, ethnicities and hair types, with fantastic illustrations.

She focuses not only on haircare, styles and make-up, but skin care too, amongst many other useful bites of tasty info.

I really recommend both of these books, as they are not only an enjoyable read, but they really are packed full of info, advice and just some little things you may never have thought about doing, which may become your new favourite...

Thank you Miss Conrad, for allowing us a sneak peak into your beachy Californian ways... and keep up the good work!