Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Benefit's Fake Up - Tested

Fake Up in Medium

I have been dying to try this new concealer from Benefit for too long! It is extra hydrating, so the product not only glides on effortlessly without creasing, but it claims not to cake or flake throughout the day. That almost sounds too good to be true...

I have been wearing it for a couple of hours now, and its still not dry or cakey at all, but the biggest thing I have noticed is definitely the way that it hydrates my under-eye skin, to the point that any lines I have are not exaggerated (as with some concealers), but disguised and almost plumped out. 

You have none of that 'product settling in your creases' situation, and I am wearing it on its own (no foundation or tinted moisturiser even), and I am really impressed with the coverage. Purple shadows are neutralised and I look a lot more 'refreshed'. 

I shouldn't be surprised by now, as Benefit constantly hit products straight out of the beauty park, time and time again. There is no exaggeration or false advertising here ladies, Fake Up is in fact, the real McCoy, and my god how I am loving it..

Au Revoir dark circles you pesky things you. Hello fresh, flawless coverage - with hydration to boot. Fake me away.



Medium on my skin

Fake Up could be one of my new real favourites. If you have dry skin, i'd say this is a MUST for you. If like me you don't (i'm oily to combo), your under-eye skin is still very delicate and more prone to wrinkles, so it is just fabulous for everyone. 

Good Bye Racoon eyes.... hello flawless finish; Spring skin here I come!


  1. OOHHH. Wow! It's time for my student loan to hurry up again! This looks like a fabulous product!
    And I'd never heard of it! Great review x

    1. Why thank you gorgeous! It really is, i'm kinda in love with it already!!


  2. Looks great!
    Gotta try it!:)

    1. Yes you should, im seriously loving it :D


  3. Makes your eyes look bright and awake! X