Thursday, April 11, 2013

LUSH Ocean Salt Facial Scrub

Natural; check, Organic; check, amazing; DEFINITELY check. This LUSH facial scrub combines sea salt with other fantastic ingredients to buff away rough tides of unruly dry skin, leaving your face smoother than a calm day at the beach...

It not only buffs, but smooths with the organic Avocado butter and brightens with the zesty Lime juice. It really leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft, removes excess oil without drying my skin out, and smells like heaven in a pot.

It works so well on my oily/combo skin, but I really think it would work perfectly on any or most skin types, as it balances oils, whilst hydrating and is incredibly gentle on the skin. Sometimes as a little treat for tired hands, I use this pre-mani and they are left looking and feeling incredible.

This truly is guilt-free, pore refining genius in a little tub. Congrats LUSH, it's another stunner!